Chambered mini

This is my 2nd wooden board. Balsa’s chambered gun thread from a couple of years ago was what made me want to try making a wooden board. I like working with wood.  Foam not so much… I had 2 flitches of paulownia from when I did my 1st wooden board so I figued that I would do a mini simmons as I love those boards. To get the width I wanted I needed some more wood so I got some WRC from lowes. I dont have many photos from the build but here is what I have. the flich and cutting out the stringers

After cutting out all the stringers I screwed them all together and glued on the outside 1. I made sure none of the screws would cross the plan shape line.

Next was shape close to finished shape much the same as you would a foam board just more fun as I like using hand planes. I left the rails squared off so I would have something to clamp later. Then take it apart to start chambering.

The chambering takes a little time but it is fairly easy. I used a drill press, Jig saw and a router table to clean up the chambers. I targeted approx 8mm for skin thickness. Sorry no photos I was having too much fun.

Then glue it all back together.

Then clean up the glue, finish shaping the rails and general final shaping.

Then on to glassing. 1 layer of 4oz each side. I did a cheater coat before the glass. I used foam rollers for all the glassing steps this was a 1st for me and I really liked it. Way less mess and better control with the epoxy.

I made the fins from some of the leftover WRC. I was going to use a few different woods for the fins but got lazy at this point.

the fins are 9" base by 4.75" deep

Finally finished it up. 5’2" x 22" x 2.75" weight 12 lbs. Not tried it out yet s it is flat but hope to get it wet in the next week or so.


Very nice well done , im surprised it came out to 12lb , what is WRC?


Nice alamax.

I am guessing WRC is western red cedar?

nice shop!

excelent job on that board!

Nicely done.


I’ve not worked with Pawlonia.  How does it compare to WRC in weight/ Stability, strength, workability?


I’ve got a cedar hws project whose progress will soon be stalled as I need some wood for my Rails

Awesome! Great build thread, thanks for sharing. I’m stuck in hospital right now & this board makes me smile…


Sorry about that WRC - Western Red Cedar

Thanks wrcsixeight

Paulownia is the most user friendly wood I have worked with. It is very stable and cuts/planes/sands soo easy no chipping or splintering like cedar tends to do. 

The center stinger is Spanish Cedar and i dont like working with it as the dust leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

In my avatar is one I did with the same method using sugar pine and redwood. Obviously heavier when finished and your shape is sooo much more refined. Inspirational. Beautiful board. Thanks.