Changing Fin Systems

A friend wants me to change the O’Fish’l system in his Tuflight board to FCS. Does anyone have any tips. I was thinking about grinding them down with a dremel and filling with Qcell. Then installing the FCS plugs with exopy. Mahalo!

I haven’t tested this, but if you fill the slot the in the O’Fish’l box with resin/q-cell/pigment and sand it flat, you would then be able to drill for the FCS plugs with a Forstner-type bit. The install would look better than grinding out the old boxes and filling the voids. Also, it would probably be much stronger and lighter. That is what I would try if I just couldn’t live with the O’fishl boxes.

aaron’s probably got a good idea, but when you get into the o’fishl box, it’s not solid, so you may have weird voids to fill which might cause air bubbles when you install the fcs plugs.

I’ve completely destroyed the foam around a couple of FCS plugs, through surfing and botched repairs… I ended up routing out a rectangle around the plugs with a little cushion room and dropped in some new foam. I use leftover rail pieces, it’s just about the right size to cover the FCS plugs with some extra space. Rough cut it with a little saw, then fine tune it with sandpaper - the tighter fit the better. Lay it in with some lam resin, it’ll hardly take any if you did it right. Once dry, grab your power sander and take down the foam and expose the surrounding weave all in one step. Glass as normal, right into the exposed weave. I’ve done this on two of my boards and a couple of my friends… it works great and you can hardly even see it if you make the fit tight enough.

Thanks for the help guys. The reason he wants to change is they are the original O’fish’L boxes without clips. It’s a 2003 Tuflight and they used boxes from 1996.