Changing planer blades

Is it fairly simple to change blades on a Clark/Hitachi planer? I noticed my blades are pretty dull.


hmmmm… I’d really have to say that it depends on the person. I know guys that have shaped for 15 years, and still can’t seem to put their blades in correctly. I think that there are instructions on how to do it that come in the box w/ your planer that will tell you how… It is simple if you understand what you are doing. But if you don’t put them in correctly you will end up w/ choppy cuts… especially on your back-cuts. And nasty planer vibration.

anyone know how much a new set costs?

seems to me last time was about $15 for standard blades, or $75 for tungsten carbide blades…

Last question. I picked up my planer second hand and when i tried to skin the blank with it I just couldnt get it to make that shallow cut to skin the blank. Just kinda seemed to bounce off the skin. Also the planer seemed to want to drift off to the one side or the other and some planer cuts were wavy. Is this symtoms of a dull blade?


Thanks, Just went up to Clark foam and the handed me a new set.