Channel and Suction

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 i think one of the hampering things i have toward the sharing of knowledge is the ability to quickly put one thoughts into words that are informative and simple enough to understand. i admire your ability for that. i dont know about you but im struggling to find the time to write my thoughts up for things like this. also because im probably bouncing around trying a hundred new things and forgotten half the concepts and thought patterns i had when i did something in particular. im glad you do write up this kind of thing, i rarely disagree with your writeups, and often think, “ahh Bill will write up a perfect explanation for that, no need for me too”


i wouldnt honestly have a clue about what does what and im pretty clever . but to be perfectly truthful, i have absolutely no idea and i have shaped at least a hundred. to take this philosophical persepctive a step further, im more interested how the board looks with surfing being such a subjective thing both in equipment and style. If i like the way the board looks and feels than this will translate into how much entertainment i am recieving or not. Also if im surfing in a crew of unpleasent showoffs then i would percive my board to performing worse as the entertaiment value would go down. the perfect board in this situation would somehow render the other surfers helpless ( perhaps a sonic weapon mounted on the front or a deaths head. Some people achieve this with tatoos and shaved heads so as to appear as a nazi. this often instills fear in other surfers giving the surfnazi a higher percieved entertainment value through both increased wave count and the sheer joy of intimidating your fellow man)

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this has been a very interesting read, as im researching channels and looking into what bottom rocker for a channel at the tail, bill I found this very informative espically since im looking at doing a outward curved channel as well.

Cheers Di99er


''... im looking at doing a outward curved channel as well.''

Cheers Di99er


Billy Caster played around with that in the mid 1960's.    (just a little history)

mid-body channels like the ones in the 80s made you feel like you were riding on train rails.

stiff?..... ya.