Channel Islands SUP Boards

Anyone tried either of these boards?

If so, how do either ride? How do they compare to other SUP boards? To the Laird Surftech board? Any info is appreciated.


I built a 10-0 x 29 x 5 fish similar to the CI. Its probably just like their add says and works best in the surf. Its very stable to paddle and rides more like a shortboard as compared to a 12 footer. We have small beachbreak waves and the fish fits them very well. The fish doesn’t have the glide that the longer boards have when flat water paddling.


Cool thread,

I’ve been asked by a freind about shaping a SUP… though I’m interested in the 12 - 16ft paddle boards used in racing, the real pointy (or pin tailed gun shape) devices.

Also called Kook Boxes.

Not the Life Savers wave-penetrator hulls.

any info greatfuly received and thanks for some inspiration!

What’s this on the deck, BTW fine looking board…


If you mean the traction material it is some diamond pattern stuff that a supplier in Florida used to carry. I got desperate and used a heat gun and pulled it off an old Kiteboard. Trimmed it and resprayed it and it has stayed on so far.



…The fish doesn’t have the glide that the longer boards have when flat water paddling.

Bizarre idea: How about a 18-24" tail section that dovetails with the butt crack and ends in a narrow square tail? This would be attached so that it can be in-line with the rest of the board when paddling flat water, but could raise 4-6" for wave riding. Judging by the position of the pad, you ride this fish far enough forward that such a section could pivot up and slightly toward the nose and still not be seriously in the way. You would be able to remove this section entirely for days when you know you will not do extended flat water paddling. The tricky bit would be the pivot and latch mechanicals, of course…



Actually the traction material is placed to knee paddle on. There’s wax forward of that for traction when surfing.