channel(s) on a twinzer?

I just shaped a fish(named Sparky) it’s going to have a twinzer fin set up

and has a single tail channel. Basically I wanted to try something new(a experiment for me) The channel starts right at the back fin and out the tail in a vee shape. I am hoping that the channel will provide some hold in the tail. what do you think?

worth trying once.

Maybe its just the camera angle or lens, but it looks like a LOT of toe-in on your fins.

damn lens. the toe in does looks a little extreme in that picture …they are actually toed in at 1/4". here’s a better pic.

OK, that looks more like it. But in that picture the channel looks V shaped (much narrower as it exits the tail). Is that just an optional illusion too?

I was wondering about that too. Jobson used to flare his our as they exited the tail. I wonder if the fins and the sides of that channel will be complementary or antagonistic…

Yes the channel does taper inward a bit but follows the rails outline making like a reverse step rail. My idea was that this would provide some hold in the tail. I could have just added a trailer fin but this board is all about experimenting with a idea I had. Also I will be using removable fins system so I can ride it as a twin or a twinzer. being that this is a surfboard design forum I was hoping I would get more responses. I will post how it rides after about a month of riding it.



I used to work in the next shaping bay over from Will Jobson, the creator of the Twinzer fin setup. All of his Twinzer boards had a sort of channel that looks a lot like yours exiting the tail, for exactly the same reason. He had a weird little tail design that I probably cannot describe correctly… sort of a round pin with little points on the corners. The only real difference was that his tail channel would start narrow and curve out to the tips. -Carl