Cheap Sanders

I am now doing my first glass job and i think i have quite a bit of sanding coming my way. I am wondering if i can get a good sander for less than the one ez foam sells. What is your guys expirence with cheaper off name sanders. Or is 200 plus dollars worth of sander necesary for making a lap smooth? Thanks a bunch.

…Home Depot…Hitachi variable speed 0-3800 or is that 34?something like that there, approx. $170.00 …HarborFreight…2 speed 2400,3400 approx.$50.00. …I use both with great results.Herb

Check out ebay tons of sanders. Got mine for $30 and it was brand new.

Pawn shops,ebay etc are good sources.Milwaukees are great and pretty commom at pawn shops.You can a rheostat (speed control) for around 30 dollars and it will make any sander into a variable speed.These boxes are sometimes called “router speed controls” and you get them from woodworking outfits like Grizzly ot maybe even Harbour Freight.

Try flea markets and garage sales. You never know.

I just picked up one from harbor freight, variable speed, 11 amps, 7” disc. It listed at $50, but they gave it to me for $26 if I bought a 15 month warranty – that cost six dollars. So for $32 dollars, I have a sander that will last over a year, or I’ll get a new one… great store. But be careful, I honestly would recommend hand sanding your first board. It’s a lot more work, but will give you more time to really look at your board, as you … slowly… sand down the bumps. If you have a finishing sander , you can do that with the higher grits to get out the scratches. I did 4 boards by hand, and just bought that power sander… It helps, but takes some getting used to. – You can mess up your board when sanding – your not home free yet. Keep the thing moving, and don’t try to speed things up by using a rough grit.

don’t go to pawn shops - they are the biggest rip-off there is. I don’t know what state or area you live in but if it’s like Brevard County Florida just look in paper say thursday and Friday for garage sales Friday mornings and especially Saturday mornings - you will sure to get your best deal - not flea markets but private people’s houses who just want to get rid of things fast - not resellers at a profit.

Howzit Rook, I remember a while back there was a post about these sanders having really cheap grease in the gear head that made these sanderes burn out after a short time . Herb post a response about changing thr grease and his sander having a longer life because of the change. I’m sure it’s in the archives or ask Herb to repeat the info. Aloha, Kokua

About Pawn Shops…This is off the subject a bit but kind of interesting anyway.Forget the sticker price,its baloney.Never ask them for their best price.Just grab the sales person and make em an offer of say 1/4 the price,don’t be shy, and tell em you have cash.Its fun to me.I bought a variable speed Milwaukee that they had listed at $189.00 for $70.00.Have fun. R.B.

Thanks Kokua: I was a little hessitant to buy generic, but it was cheap and came with a 15 month warranty, figured I couldn’t loose. I only shape, maybe a board a month, so I figure it should last awhile, but I’ll check the archives, thanks.

Buy a used Milwauki, variable speed, but make sure to invest in Power Pads!