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I’ve never used kevlar veil… never thought it belonged on surfboards. I have used graphite veil though. Can give you a harder shell especially when used over a softer 1# EPS. It also offers better adheision to the blank. Those are the positives I feel I need to also give you the negatives. It does nothing for the tensile strength of the glass job. Thats not all that important but I did break one on the tension side which is pretty rare. You have to use regular woven glass over it which means a rather heavy glass job… again fine on a very light blank. Lastly it’s a bit difficult to get consistant results. Resin viscosity because of different ambient temperatures can make finish board weights vary greatly when using this material. The stuff can REALLY puff up with resin. This last example is why we didn’t persue it further. Oh yea, one more thing, ITCHES like a mofo.

Hi Greg !!

have you, or anyone you know , used the thin graphite veil for fin panels ?

and do you know if this stuff would be available in West Australia , please ? …would boat builder suppliers be the best place to try for this kind of stuff ?

Bert ?

Do you have any ideas on this ?

… would you know of any supply places here , please ?

Yea thats what I was thinking good for light foam, would of thought the kevlar would be more suitable for surfboards though…thinking using more for boards for bigger guys who need stiffer flex…layer under wood or something…I dont know what to expect…I guess I’ll have to try it and see, might be useful on fin panles too