Checking my math for Resin

3 1/2 Gallons of RR epoxy for 6 boards.

6’4" - 55 oz

6’6" - 55 oz

7’2"x2 - 68 oz

9’3"x2 - 94 oz

Will this be enough or will I need to order more? I have a half gallon left over from my last board so I plan on getting the 3 gallon set.

Don’t want to skimp on resin, that’s not a mistake I’m looking to try out.


Don’t know about short boards, but here are my notes from my last 9-0, 22.5" wide, 2 layers 6 oz s cloth on deck, 1 layer 6 oz s cloth on bottom. On a US Blank blue foam.

bottom lam 22 oz resin, 11 hardner–just enough

bottom hot 14/7 —plenty

bottom gloss 10/5–perfect

top lam 28/14 --good

top hot 14/7 –

top gloss 10/5 perfect

98 oz resin-- 49 oz hardner = 147 total

I know, everyone else uses lots less. Maybe because I use 6 oz S cloth. But I can tell you I wouldn’t be able to use much less. Didn’t waste that much.

Hope that helps.

PS. next time the wife and I are in Reston to visit my mom maybe we can hook up and you can show us your boards.

I agree with puna’s numbers; for boards over 9 feet, I use just over a gallon of epoxy (resin + hardener). I do waste some, but I have run dry several times trying to skimp, and it was not worth it, IMO, for the few dollars you save. In a high-volume production environment it would be different, but for a few boards a year, not a big deal.

Wow, 6 boards…you are going to be busy!


Of course resin usage depends on your glass schedule, whether or not you seal the blank, how much you waste per board, fin system, etc, but I think you may run short on those six. I’ve done 5 shortboards with my last 3 gallon set and probably have just enough for one more shortboard. My boards have ranged from 5’8" fishes to 6’6" shortboard, some glass-on, some FCS, all laminated with 2x4T and 4B and I hardly waste any resin.

Very good question. My biggest concern with epoxy has been temp. and cure time not amount of resin used. I bought the 3 gallon kit and have glassed three short boards with 6 oz cloth. I have enough resin left to do one more board. My boards are 2 pound EPS sealed with spackle. For some reason I started each step with aprox 15 oz of mixed resin/hardener. Not sure if that number came from Swaylocks or it was just how the mixing cup was marked. Don’t be surprised if you use more or less resin than everyone else. I also did all my fin boxes and plugs with the epoxy resin. Be careful. A 3 oz cup of epoxy will burn your fingers and smoke when it kicks off!!!

Have fun


haha yes it will smoke … I was trying out the RR epoxy for the first time … was in a hurry to do some gluing up of foam on my current project before I had to leave on a trip … I mixed the speed’er up stuff in there … made the mistake of leaving some sit in the mixing cup while I was spreading some out … all of a sudden I was thinking ’ … something smells an awful lot like burnin’ Surftechs around here … SH%&*!! The cup was on fire, I quickly grabbed the piece of plywood it was sitting on and put it outside in the snow.

Be careful doing your fin boxes and stuff too. I’ve gone to using a different epoxy with a slow hardener for fin boxes to avoid them going off too fast. I suppose refrigerating the resin/hardener before mixing could slow it enough. A shaper friend also gave the idea of pouring a little in the hole first, letting it cure, then putting the box in and pouring the rest.

Sucks to burn out a big piece of foam around an FCS plug.

The foam is Exell PU, so I wasn’t planning on sealing it. I will most likely be glassing in falling temperates around 68 degrees F. I thought that 94 oz for a longboard seemed like too little. I’m still unsure if I’m going to gloss coat the boards or just seal them with acrylic. I think a gloss coat will look better since I may be trying to sell a couple of the boards as stock instead of custom orders.

I’m hesitant to order the 7.5 gallon set because I really don’t know what I would do with all of that. Perhaps a 3 gallon and a 1.5 gallon set.

Looks like I do need to check all of my math again!

PS. Punasurf, you’re welcome to come by and check out the boards any time you’re in the area.

Rachel, alternatively, you could sand the hotcoat out and spray it with a good UV inhibiting polyurethane varnish. Once this hardens you could sand and buff it if you wanted to, but it would probably be shiny enough as is.

Lots of people like to use gloss polyester over the epoxy, but the problem I have with it is, polyester gets super hard and brittle, and spiderwebs easy on impact, where epoxy does not. So you’re really giving up one of the best advantages of epoxy by putting polyester on top of it.

The epoxy itself has a fairly good shine to it … if you can get it to level out good enough. Not sure about buffing it …never tried … expect it would be difficult to impossible.

Where are you catching waves in D.C. … haha …


I have heard that epoxy polishes out pretty well, not as fantastic as poly, but still good. I opted to gloss the two fun boards and the longboards and just use an acrylic spray/sanded finish on the shortboards.

It’s about a 3 hour drive to Ocean City, MD or VA Beach from DC. But at the moment I’m living in Rhode Island for school. I’m about 15 minutes away from amazing beach break and point breaks. Just yesterday I surfed chest-high waves with howling offshore winds at a rocky point break near campus. Worth the tuition.

Cool. 'Gansett town beach is one of my favorite spots to stop when I’m on the road. Maybe I’ll see you in the lineup someday if you surf there.

Actually I might stop there this week if I have time and it’s breaking … NE is so fickle … heck we’ve had more days of surf here on the GL this summer than they did … though admittedly not as good quality …

If you’re ever at Gansett Juice tell Ted and Trisha the Great Lakes trucker dude says hi … not too many customers pull in with a longboard strapped to the back of a semi tractor =))


Town beach is always a blast. This week doesn’t look like it’s going to come together, at least not until maybe Thursday.

Next time I stop by the shop I’ll pass that on. How do you tie a longboard to the back of a semi-tractor?

Well there’s a grab handle and a slider bar on the back of the cab, I put pads on them and tied the board on at an angle. “Checkers” my 10’6"

just barely fits without sticking above the cab.

I don’t expect to be in RI til Thursday so maybe I’ll score if I have time to sneak over to ‘Gansett. I did not bring Checkers though I have my 10’ Mark Schneider Great Lakes Edition it’s much more managable. Checkers = perfect for knee to waist high wind chop onshore slop … so heavy it cruises through like a freighter and the 50/50 rails keep it locked in and stable as can be :smiley: