"chipfish" unplugged ..... a question ....

okay , so this is my latest butchery [fatty , you’ll probably get a ‘larf’ out of this , i thought of you as i was doing it [the butchery , that is !]


bottom …



this is what it looks like when i don’t use a holesaw ! …

so , now …

my question …

if i remove the remaining four plugs ,

would the board be lighter weight * if i use two long blocks of foam , or make 14 foam plugs , to fill the gaps left ?

[*the reason for removing the plugs ]

…cheers !


…“next time” [hopefully there ISN’T one ?!] i WILL use a holesaw …the reason i didn’t ? well , the holesaw fitting was larger than the drill['s hole] that was available to put it in …]

holy smokes…

that’s some surgery there…

Here we have these spray cans of expanding PU foam that is slightly lighter than PU blank material.

I would just squirt this in, sand back and small 4 oz patch to close up.

Unless of course you really wanted the “looks” to be restored then you need to pigment, fill coat and gloss etc…

say it isn’t so Chip!?!?

no more fin ride reports on the prawn???

do you think you have the optimal fin setup nailed down?

bye the way, it looks in the pic like your leash plug is kinda far

from the tail. does it get in your way?

Lordy lordy…definitely, I’d invest in a nice 1 1/8" (~28-30mm, for those in the real world ) hole saw.

Meanwhile, doing the math, the expanding foam seems like the way to go, after doing the repairs, that is.Putting in plugs of foam ( and making a reasonably close fit, 'cos otherwise the resin+filler will possibly weigh more than the plugs did) will weigh more, and carving out trenches, not getting a perfect fit, bedding in thick resin+filler, plus reinforcing the whole shebang enough to take glass-ons ( which I presume is your plan ) is gonna likely weigh more than the plugs did.

Now, the weight - figure each plug at what, 10-15 grams ( less than half an ounce ) so for 14 of 'em, you’re up to (with another 5 grams of resin around 'em, to make the math easy) something on the order of 250-300 gm? I’ve seen people use more wax than that on the tail.

What I would be concerned with is the parasitic drag from ten empty plug slots. That would, I suspect, affect performance somewhat and maybe mess with the waterflow in the fin area.

hope that’s of use


Hey Surfer Dave,

Bison Pur Schuim…

seems if there was a more generic non-foreign product

for this you’d probably be using it!

However, do you know where I can source this in the US,

or maybe nail down a reliable generic name to assist in

my searching.

Seems I’d rather use this stuff rather than DAP/Spackle on occasion.

Home Depot has insulation spray foam. Hilti and Dap both have a product there. A little caution, is that it must be damp for the stuff to expand correctly. If too dry, the inside turns into a honey like goo. Just a little spray at a time. It really expands. Clean out the nozzleith acetone or paint thinner right away so you can use it again. The foam isn’t really shape-able. too soft and spongy, but I have used it to fix FCS installs when the heat melted the EPS. You can also get the two part liquid foam from Fiberglass Hawaii. They Ship UPS to save the drive. That stuff is denser.

quick google gave me this:


don’t know if it is the same but looks pretty similar.

this is great advice guys thanks so much !

great to see you here doc , i’ve missed your always helpful and practical advice [and humour too]

expanding foam …man , why didn’t i think of that ??

i’ll be making enquiries …hopefully my local hardware store / bunnings should have it ?!

thanks again , guys !

[i’m at the local surfshop , where , you will be pleased to know , i was able to remove the two remaining plugs with a proper drill for the holesaw . so i will now cut out [some sort of ovalish-shape] to fill with the spandex stuff

cheers again guys , i will keep you posted on this progressive butchery !

say it isn't so Chip!?!?

no more fin ride reports on the prawn???

do you think you have the optimal fin setup nailed down?

bye the way, it looks in the pic like your leash plug is kinda far

from the tail. does it get in your way?

afraid so , mate !!

never really worked out the optimal setup , i’m sorry to say …i tried so many , i confused myself [as oldy prophesied]

um yeah the leggy plug was kinda far forward …good because it made me stand further forward, something i needed to do , because of my stand -on- the- tail- with feet close together, old-school from years and years of riding single fins style !!

by the way , if and when i can ever paddle the 5’8" bushfire fish again …

that’s another fin platform to stand on [aka a surfboard , of sorts ??]

cheers !


Hi Ben,

First off, it’s not really humour, I just write really, really clumsily.

And as age stiffens the little gray cells, I forgot to mention that in situations like this polyurethane glue ( ideally, white Gorilla Glue ) is your friend. It’ll also act as a filler and unlike a lot of the spray foams, it goes off (the clear-in-the-bottle stuff) to a white color, instead of the ‘board’s been in the sun too long yellow’ that you’ll get with many sprayable insulating foams. I haven’t tried it for a volume like that, but it’s worth a shot. It’s catalysed by moisture, so mebbe a wee misting with the little plant sprayer before you put it in is in order.

Though I dunno if it’s available in Australia. It is in the UK, so who knows.

It’s a nice, fairly stiff foam, doesn’t compress as easily. Sands nicely too.

If you wanted to be really slick, then another hole saw ( drill removed or at least set far back ) with an inside diameter a skosh smaller than the outside diameter of the one you used to free up the old plugs, that’d cut clean new foam plugs you could then insert, glue it with a small very thin coat of the white GG and you’d be set.

Hope that’s of some use


many thanks once again , doc !

yes , the yellowing of the spray foam will still be fine , as i can tint the cloth over it and / or ? if i still have the original spray? spray it , to conceal the evidence …

cheers , this is why swaylocks feeds my addiction …


Chipper?? Is that really you? I strongly suspect this is an imposter.

Mate; what butchery? That’s a top job. You want to see a f*ck up, take a look at the glassing on my 5,10 hollow wood fish after I knocked it off the stands mid-lap.

What’s the plan then chip shop? Recycling them plugs for another board with 40 or so options?

My suggestion is get some chewing gum and gaffer tape on them holes. Might not be scientific but if there’s any gum left you can treat yerself to a never ending minty meal.

Dude; where’s my squeegee?

Hi Ben,

Yeah, if you have the original spray, that’d be best, so that you can spray it on and wipe the excess off the glass an have a very nice looking repair indeed. For those who wind up repairing boards they’ve made, it might be a Real Good Idea to record just what your pigment mix was when you put together colors for an airbrush job so you can match 'em ‘someday’. If you note the dimensions down someplace, a couple more lines for what the color was isn’t real hard.

Tinting the repair glass is a little more problematic that way, as I imagine you’ve seen in the past. The tint won’t be a perfect match for the spray and you always get the kinda water-stained look where you have two layers of color, not just the one.

It’s the reason I try to salvage the old glass in a ding repair and put my filler underneath it: the original airbrushed foam surface tends to stay with the cloth when it pulls free. You can fill underneath, put a clear glass layer over the top to hold it all together and add strength and you see nothing but maybe a bit where you can see through to the filler here and there along crack lines. And I’m willing to call that acceptable.

Hope that’s of use and good luck with that repair.


haha …

you ODD person , you [THERE’S a new username for ya right tere , jase …“oddy” !

okay ,

so for those who asked …

the plan with this is …

make it lighter , so my mate daz will ride it , and i’ll video him …

[…then , i reckon , his sons will “inherit” it for christmas [and he will have a fishy type board to surf , which is what he wanted …]



thanks , doc , for your much-appreciated advice and exoperience … keeping sways practical , instead of theoretic or diuretic !!


thanks , doc , for your much-appreciated advice and experience … keeping sways practical , instead of theoretic or diuretic !!

I just have to comment on that, mebbe correct the impression somewhat -

See, I’m the most theoretic so and so I know, but it’s scientific-type theory, where you should be able to attach numbers to things. You know, “If A and B act opon C, the fizbin and the frammulator should interact to produce a vorpal reading of approximately 7.3, or else my theory is screwed and I gotta come up with another one that explains this carefully obtained data” rather than some things bounced about as theories in this biz.

And ‘practical experience’ refers to all the times I have screwed something up, tried to figure it out and gone ahead with the general attitude of “Okay, Baldy-boy, what ya gonna do to fix THIS one, huh?” Human progress, in a nutshell…

Antwho, time to head out and attempt to make a living, beating perfectly good wood into submission. Good luck


nup , haven’t done the prawn yet , or the 9’er … just …


merrryyyyy christmas crew !!!