Choosing a longboard - please advise


I want help choosing a longboard for myself. I am 33 yeas old, 6’2’’ and weigh 195lbs. Where I surf there are beachbreaks that are between not so powerful knee high waves to waist-shoulder high more powerful ones. (The average waves are knee-waist). I am a late beginner (4 years) and I ride a BIC 9’ CTS epoxy popout board. I can drop waves, make the turn, make some cutbacks etc. and I can even make noserides but I didn’t get until a foot from the nose. Because the waves here are not long enough to make those long hang 5s, I think that the best choice will be a more high performance longboard that can still noseride or at least help me preogress into noseriding. A heavy log will not do me any good here. The dilemma is between 3 models. Two of which I have been suggested by the salesman in a shop and the other by reading forums such as this…

1 - Bing Trimulux - 9’2’‘, width 23 1/8’‘, thickness 3 1/8’‘, nose 18 1/2’‘, tail 16’'. Single fin. Volan. 50/50 rails.

2 - Bing Lovebird - 9’2’‘, width 22 3/4’‘, thickness 2 15/16’‘, nose 18 1/4’‘, tail 15.5’'. Single fin. Lighter. I think 6oz glass top and bottom. harder rails

The third on is a longboard that has been in my head for some time now but the epoxy makes me hesitate…

3 - Surftech Takayama In the pink - 9’3’‘, width 22.375’‘, thickness 2.88’‘, nose 19.875’’ (!!!), tail 14 1/4’', 2+1 setup. Epoxy…

I have several questions:

Did you ever hear about the Bings I mentioned above? are they too short/ thin for me?

Do you think that considering my ability, weight and the waves I ride I should ride an epoxy/surftech board as the ITP?

Furthermore, I’ll be happy to get more recommendations and thoughts…



Once you figure out what you want, make your own…

Welcome to Swaylock’s…

Hey Al,

Try . They spend a lot of time discussing the different types of boards.


Of the boards you mention, the first sounds like the one you would have most fun on reliably however, just a stab in the dark here, make yourself a fat wide mini-mal, see how you like it.

Well, when it comes to ‘longboards’, I generally have this list of shapers that I favor. Even though I could custom make my own longboard,

when it comes down to it I’d be really happy with any of the following longboards.



Tyler Surfboards

Joel Tudor



So I guess that is my top 5 for now.

I definitely wouldn’t rate these guys or choose one over the other, but really dig their boards and the product that each shaper has

dialed in.

And as far as the board that works best for you… any longboard will work, just pick and choose the characteristics that best fit your style!

Do yourself a favor,find a good shaper near you.Be honest with them about your skill level,tell them what you want to accomplish on the board as far as maneuvers,speed,etc.It helps if they know the wave you will be surfing with this board as well.Epoxy is good too.

I pick #2 for you


Ya man… Tyler has got some NICE boards. Really like the Riddler. I’ve seen 2 of his boards up here in Washington, and they were real nice. Both longboards, and you

can tell the craftsmanship and much attention to detail makes them stand out.


Im LOL as I write this

I ment # 2 the Bing from the first post

still laughing!!!

Oh ya…


my bad =)

Making your own is the most fun, but if you want someone else to make one for you:

  1. Jim “The Genius” Phillips – 'nuff said

  2. Bing by Matt Calvani – I have one and love it with all my heart

I’m guessing that you don’t live in California…

Why is the salesman pushing Bing? I like Bing…sounds like the salesman is just trying to move stock.

My friend has a Tak “In The Pink” surftech…I love that board…But I like light boards…

Without knowing you or knowing where you surf I could never recommend a board for you. Been surfing 4 years and want to progress??? Have you considered an eight foot board or a 7’6"…ever read a thread about a one board quiver???

How does the board feel when you hold it under your arm…May sound lame but it has to feel good…

Pick up those boards…sight down the rocker and the rails…hold them under your arm…buy the board that feels right… or… wait to find the magic elsewhere…so many boards …so little time…


I agree with Jesus:) find a local shaper,IMO you are too heavy for those boards with the waves that you describe,if you are serious about becoming a better longboarder,get a custom one made for you for your spot.You can also get a midsize board for your size.All 3 of those boards are great.

You need something that can maneuver sections to give you the longest possible ride. The longer you are standing on the board, the faster your skills will improve. That generally means something narrow and possibly less than 9 feet for beach break conditions. The Bing Lovebird is a serviceable board for that, although it wouldn’t fit my definition of a HP LB. True competition HP LB’s are going to be very thin (2-1/4 to 2-5/8) and lightly glassed, and because of that they don’t last very long before you snap 'em. Definitely won’t have any longevity in fast beach breaks. Keep in mind that HP doen’t mean noserider or anything like that; these are for doing 360’s, limited air, etc. hence the light weight.

Based on the surf conditions you described and your own weight, I would recommend an eps/epoxy board that is narrow but thick (3-5/8 min), and about 8 ft long, with a 2+1 fin setup. No, not some kind of big-guy thruster either, but a reduced LB outline. Noseridering is limited to 5, but you’ll be able to do everything else. Remember that in fast beach breaks, there isn’t enough time to walk a LB, and you need to be able to turn from different positions beside just at the tail. There are a number of designs like this available, and the best in my opinion is the Infinity “secret weapon”. Check it out at Keep in mind that boards less than 8 ft you’ll need to pump in flatter sections; unlike a LB where you can move to the nose for speed.

Also, I don’t think that something which costs $1500+ like a Tyler or Cooperfish is appropriate for drop/turn/dump beach breaks, nor that Bing Lovebird either. There are lots and lots of off-the-rack shapes that will work for you, and everyone has too much inventory now. Find a shop that has demo models and try different things.

Ah, my favourite subject as referred to by Stingray, the one board quiver thread.

The 8’ers should not be overlooked for beachbreaks just as PeteC suggests.

Here’s a pic of my Dick Van Straalen 8’ all rounder which has a 2+1 fin set up (like your Bic) but reduced area in the nose.

This kind of board will keep you happy for a long, long time as it will paddle well, catch waves easily, not be a handful to turn, duckdive or carry for a bit of a hike.

You are no doubt finding the Bic a handful on the beachbreaks.]


Hi Cuttlefish -

That looks like a nice board. Is that a semi-beak nose with down forward rails? Any chance you could give us a bottom up shot from the front?

Tried getting some clear shots but not showing things too well with my flash.

Here’s a link to shots I’ve already taken which will give you the answers to which you seek (except that its not a beak nose).

Hey guys… Thanks for your answers. I know for sure that I can learn a lot from you and it’ll help me decide…

Ok this is the story. I live in Israel, on the shore of the Mediterranean sea .that explains my poor English (thanks god for automated spell checking). This may give you an idea about the waves I surf in: All of the swells here are created by wind and storms relatively close to shore so, the waves are knee-waist, less powerful waves in the summer, and more powerful knee to shoulder in the winter (created by local storms). I think this may resemble the east coast in the US but what do I know?

Now regarding the local shapers: They make awesome short and fun boards but there are no good longboard shapers IMO. I surf with some of them and I didn’t see even one of them surfing a longboard. Even when it’s small. I would definitely buy a shortboard from them BUT when coming to larger boards, I rely on the more experienced ones manufactured abroad. There is a shop that imports boards but the prices are ridiculously high…

My thoughts were to make myself a 2 board quiver: a longboard for those lower knee – waist high waves and a shorter one (maybe an eggy 7’6’‘-7’10’') that I can pull out in larger surf.

Now, a friend of mine is in the states now and he is willing to bring me a board so I thought to myself that I prefer that he brings me the longboard part of my imaginary quiver (because of the lack of good longboard shapers here) and later on I will sell the BIC and buy myself a good eggy style board which, I think, the shapers here can do perfectly (I hope…). So, I needed to find a shop near where my friend stays (New Jersey) and then see if there is a good board in descent price that I can buy via credit card. Another limitation I have is the size of the board. It has to be below 9’4’’ because the airline does not allow anything (including the bag) above 115 inches in length in total.

There are a lot of variables, and combining my lack of experience, this is why I turn to you for advice. You are my “local shaper”!!!

So, what do you think I should do with those 3 boards (the 2 bings and the surftech ITP)? I can definitely continue my search for a shop but I will have to know what I am looking for considering my weight and the type of waves that I ride.

For example: length, board weight, width, rails, tail, fins (2+1 vs. single) etc. This is where I need your advice in.

By the ways:

1- there is another board in that shop that I didn’t mention that fits the 9’4’’ length limitation:

Hap Jacobs “New Shape” model :

It’s 9’2’‘, width 22 1/2’‘, thickness 2 7/8’‘, nose 18’‘, tail 15’'. 2+1 fin setup. Rounded pin tail. I thought it was too small for me considering its thickness and length if you compare it to the Bing Tirimulux which is also the same length but thicker. IMO the “new model” will not perform good in small surf.

2 -Maybe a little info about what I like to progress into: I like smooth surfing, round turns, noserides (although the waves not always allow them here) something like “less is more” Joel tudor’s surfing moto.

Thanks a lot and sorry for the lecture…


There are 2 longboards, wich one of them will be mine…

one is a “noserider” model, and the other is the “magic model” made by Lufi

GOOGLE → LUFI - Surfboards.

in 9´2" by 22, they are the best I know, for ride, paddle and turn;

I´ve ride some of these boards and I never saw anything like them; if you try one, you will never forget them.

The rocker is completely out of normal (so simple, but so effective), that´s why they have this success; He shape´s for T&C and for Brasil…

see his site…

(3 or 4 years ago was considered the world´s best shaper…)



Im LOL as I write this

I ment # 2 the Bing from the first post

Hey Ken,

do you think that the 9’2’ lovebird will float me or will I wave hard time catching waves with it?

I would really feel like doing a #2 if it won’t be floaty enough…