Clark Foam vac system

Anyone know where i can get one from-josh

I’ve seen the trashcan rack (maybe that means they have the rest of the stuff as well?) at FH in Ventura, Ca. Not sure where you are in the world though.

I’m in florida

Don’t know about availability (especially at the Clark Foam price) but you should check with Atlantic Surfoam.

They’re in the former Clark building in Melbourne, phone is 321 259 1508. They handle most of the accessories

Clark sold, such as microplane surforms, vacuum slinky hose, etc.


do they have a website? I googled but nothing came up

Not much to the “system”, they are pretty easy to make: PVC pipe, shop-vac, trash can, misc hardware and electrical parts, vacuum hose from Festool. Look at some already installed and make your own improvements.

Jeff at US Blanks can set you up. He was the guy that handled the system for Clark.

Atlantic Surfoam is the FL distributor for US Blanks, so they’re going to be your contact here.

Call them (no web) and they can help. Great to know that those wonderful systems are still

available post-Clark, I couldn’t shape w/o mine. Way spoiled now.


We have the Clark Foam Vacuum System available, but it’s not pictured on our website. We sell it by special order only. Shipping can be fairly expensive but if you order blanks or other products at the same time you can make it worth your while. Give us a call or email with your order/shipping address and we can get you a complete quote. There’s not many left, just a heads up.

Good luck on your quest.


Not much to the “system”, they are pretty easy to make: PVC pipe, shop-vac, trash can, misc hardware and electrical parts, vacuum hose from Festool. Look at some already installed and make your own improvements.

I second that…most definitely make your own. so easy, and cheap too. This is how i did mine…not “perfect” like the Clark one, but it probably cost me (aside from the shopvac) no more than $50 to make.

All you need…

  • Shopvac (if you don’t already have one try craigslist, people always have these sitting around)

  • Clark slinky hose (approx $25 a foamez or equivalent)

  • A PVC pipe, two PVC elbows, and rubber adapters…all in the same isle at home depot (few bucks each)

  • A few ‘C’ brackets and some duct tape (few bucks, if that)

  • Two pulleys and screwhooks for the power cord (a few mo’ bucks)

  • (Optional) This handy lil’ Auto-switch from, $20. (turns the vac on/off when you turn your planer on/off)

Your PVC/adapter sizes will vary, but once you have the materials…

  1. Attach the PVC elbows to the ends of your PVC pipe

  2. Attach rubber adapters to the ends of elbows

  3. Use your ‘C’ brackets to secure the PVC to the cieling

  4. Attach the slinky hose to one end of PVC (tape to secure), the other end into planer exhaust (clamp tight w/ adapter)

  5. Attach shopvac hose to other end of PVC (tape to secure)

  6. Screw screwhooks into ceiling where you want the power cord to hang

  7. Attach pulleys to screwhooks

  8. Thread planer cord through pulleys (find pulleys that have an open side for this).

  9. Tie a loose overhand knot in your cord (near the plug end) and attach some kind of weight to keep the cord taut as it hangs.

  10. Plug the shopvac and planer into your auto-switch.

  11. Done. Pull the trigger and test.

Its useful to be able to detach the slinky hose and unhook the cord. that way, you can swap out the planer for some other vacuum-enabled tool (ie. sander).

You can check mine out HERE.

Hope that helps,


Thanks guys for all the help I think i got the last vac here in florida. I called Atlantic surf material and they gave me larry pope phone number who had a brand new vac never used. Thanks larry-josh

Thanks SpecialK for elaborating on my reply. There’s some info in the archives about adding a vortex cone to the system. One of the main points to remember is to use a grounded vacuum hose, and make sure that the hose fits your planer. Most planers use a standard 1-1/4" vacuum cuff. If you have a Skil, you’ll need to make your own adapter. I’ve seen them made from PVC “t” fittings, machined aluminum, and fiberglass done over a foam mold.


whats the best way to ground the vacuum hose?

Drop it. Fastest way to ground anything.

Run an uninsulated wire inside of it, or you can buy a hose from Festool that is already grounded. A nice feature on the Festool hose is that the vacuum cuff that goes to the planer rotates so the hose won’t kink.