Clark Hitachi maintinence?

I just picked up a used clark/hitachi planer. Seems to work well tested it on some scrap foam and it amd a clean cut. Question, do these things need periodic maintinence? Grease or oil? or anything other than changing the blades? Also the depth adjuster know is a little sticky, is there a way to grease it for smoother turning?

It’s best to blow out the planer thoroughly after each use. Keeping the blades sharp is integral in getting the planer to make clean cuts. Everyone of those older planers had different amounts of play in the adjustment knob. You can send the planer to Foam E-Z and we’ll get it to Clark Foam for any repairs or to make the appropriate adjustments to the knob. Have fun!

go to you can get any part for the clark hitachi.

Never grease or especially oil bearings! Replace them with sealed bearings made in France (I know boycott the French). Or Italian or German bearings. Don’t grease the knob. Clarck had to take it apart to blow out fine foam dust. Hence, very good advice given above, “blow out your Hitachi after use”.

Foam EZ is in constant contact with Clark Foam. If you have the older Hitachi, we can send it to Clark Foam to upgrade it with the sealed bearings. Call if you would like a quote or need any additional info on the planer.