Clean futures boxes with acetone before setting?


New poster and very amateur shaper and glasser. Had a quick question, do I need to clean futures boxes with acetone before setting them? Would 91% isopropyl alcohol do the trick?


No and no.

No need.

Thanks Barry, I’ll just set them and be done.

Just out of curiosity, why do you have to clean a Bahne Box with acetone before setting them and why don’t you have to clean a Futures box? And why wouldn’t isopropyl alcohol work instead of acetone?

I just sand a bit down the sides of a bahne box.

Just to make sure the glass and resin stick.

Most damage to the Bahne system is the sideways force which seperates the glass from the box.

That’s why I think the Future boxes are a superior system.

Sideways damage is minimal with the “T” shape of the box.

And the fact that it is capped off with fiberglass.

FWIW and not to start a debate but when we started doing futures in Like 96? I was told to wipe them with Acetone. When they started ILTS, Same thing… Strongbox,  The Leash plugs, Same thing… Everytime there has been an update, always been told to wipe with acetone.

With the strongbox,. One/shot Box I always sand those perosnally with 36 grit.  They are so smooth I want the resin to really grab on.


Im fairly certain the instructions online and in the kits say it as well… maybe you dont need to, but 30 seconds to do it, to not stress seems like a pretty reasonable waste of 30 seconds.

Not that I’m a pro glasser or anything, nor have I done many finbox installs… But I sand with 60 grit a little bit, then clean them with acetone or isopropanol. Figure that’ll remove any finger grease or whatever else might be on there and the sanding knocks down the super smooth surface to something a bit more resin friendly.

…futures does not hold a lateral impact.

4wfs is the only one that can hold lateral impact; second by fusion boxes.

BUT, main problem is the foam, no matter the density, the other day a customer brought a HP with parabolic stringers board that went through rocks in a point and the back plug of a 4wfs held perfectly in position (not the case of any futures) however only foam no stringer there so now I have a bigger problem cause the box is totally firm in place but with crushed foam underneath; the side plugs resisted all the impacts and only minor damage in the glass.

-leash plugs do not need any wipe or sanding; some plastics melt a bit with acetone.

I aways thought plug makers suggested an acetone wipe just to cover themselves in case residual mold release was left on the product. Sanding to key in the resin is better IMO.