Cleaning your board after a session? *PIC*

I was wondering if the salt water left on your board will damage it? Before i would always rinse it off with some water but recently i haven’t i just loaded it onto my car and drove and and put in my garage? So is it a bad idea to not rinse after a session? Its a regular fiberglass.

The only thing I would be rinsing out young fellow is your ears. They seem to be stopping common sense from getting through to your brain. Now there is nothing wrong with rinsing the water off your board, but it aint gonna damage your surfboard sonny, cause where have you just had the board for the last couple of hours, yep thats right, you had it in salt water. By the time you have driven back up the valley and parked the Lexus in your double garage the surfboard is going to be dry anyway. All thats left will be some dry salt encrusted on the bottom of your stick, maybe you could just lick it off. I dont even know if you were serious or if you just tryin to take the piss. By that picture you seem to be into shortboards, the way they glass those things these days they are throw aways after a couple of seasons anyway. Who cares about salt water damaging your sanded finish you have just created a concave deck made up of 180 heel dints from bustin air at salt creek.

He is just asking a question, don’t be a punk.

Bru, I enjoyed your take on the salt question. It’s refreshing to read some colorful language. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the Southwest where people actually talk that way. “Badges? We don’t got no badges. We don’t need no stinking badges!” How can you not love stuff like that? Doug