Clear Qcell?

Hi good people, I was wondering if anyone here knows of something that works as Qcell, but is clear? Thanks in advance


OK, let me be more specific. What I’m after is, in some situations, I want to be able to mix to the thickness that I can get from QCell (without the extra weight of reson), but with a clear type of QCell. If anyone has heard of such a thing, I’d appreciate an intelligent answer, UNLIKE Micks. I seem to recall Herb using some diaper filler or something like that?

Howdy, I’m not sure why you would want thick clear resin - simply because usually when I make thick resin it goes into some hole, and I want to hide that hole - but if you have your reasons, so be it. Check out Kokua’s response in the Styrene / S.A. thread below, he mentions letting the resin sit out to thicken it up (evap the styrene)… could work for your situation? As far as weight, if the repair is so big that your worried about weight, then you should probably be putting some new foam in that hole…

What you want is “cabosil”. “silcell” or some people call “Q-Cell” comes out kinda grey, and you have to mix white pigment in it to get it “white”. A great application for clear “cabosil”, which has only lam resin mixed in(no pigment) is restorations on old classics.Comes out fairly clear, but gets cloudy in larger accumulations. You don’t want to see a buch of white spots on an old weber performer do you? Foam can be hard to piece in and make it look right as well.