cloth fabrics on longboard decks

i’ve done a few longboards using cotton hawaiian prints(washed first ofcourse to remove the sizing)and have never had any complaints of delamination in that area,which is my concern. Anyone have any problems or suggestions? customers go nuts over the fabrics.

Greg, I’m not following your question. You have never had any problems and that is your concern. Are you my wife or something? That is just the way she thinks. “Nothing is wrong I just want it fixed.”

Bagman…now that is funny…I have to show my wife this…ooops no …that is a bad idea…nevermind, sometimes the truth hurts…peace and waves…

simply put:has anyone encountered delamed boards and pissed off customers becaused they’ve suckered the customer with cheap eye candy to make an extra buck. it doesn’t make the board perform any better, in fact its just a quick way to melt the wax,like dark colored boards(another gimmick).in the tropics there is a problem with sunlight and heat. i’m just not sure (in my region) if anyone has encountered this.and thanks for discussing your homelife bagman,you’ll be back in your comfort zone(loadin’ up on the warm and fuzzies)at the end of the day, like every other day. was that you they portrayed in the movie Longboardin’?

Sorry to piss you off greg. You have now stated the problem. I’m in Santa Cruz and we do not have any major problem with delams due to inlays. If you or your customers, do have a delam problem it could in fact be caused by the colors soaking up heat. Like you said dark colors do soak up the heat a lot faster. So it is best to keep the colors on one side and make sure when the board is not in the water that you keep the dark side out of the sun. Remember the customer is always right. It is our responability to tell them that there ideas may cause some problems and that they should take care to keep it from becoming major pufa.

No that was not me in longboardin. I’m lucky to load up on the warm and fuzzys once a week, since I’m on the road most of the time.

If you ask the question correctly you will not get a smart ass answer. At least not most of the time. Go back and read your question.

nah,not pissed just puttin in too many hours. iron sharpens iron,remember? i did need to clarify and present more info,and as i said in another thread,you all are the best,very humorous,very entertaining.(HOLY ROCKER!..i thought i was going to die laughing at that response)but seriously,in this day and age of responsibity,liability, and lawsuits(fla. has more lawyers per capita than any other state)we have to be careful and we have to get it right. and no offense taken bagman,yes females are a trip…i’ve raised one into an adult w/o her mothers help for most of her life;and she can shape since the age of 14!


Your question made no sense…what he said WAS funny…you need to lighten up …and read what you have written to be sure the question is clear…dark colors,inlays(dark) can all cause problems with consumers that don’t know chit about boards…leave them in the heat/sun and wonder why their board has suddenly become a balloon.Tell them off the top that what they want may cause problems…peace and waves…

thanks, i agree. life is too short not to laugh and be able to laugh at ourselves…i just wish we’d git some swells.

Would it be possible to do a whole board with inlays? I don’t see why not. Another thought. Would it be possible to glass a board with cotton fiber and not use fiberglass cloth at all?

Sure… and when you’re not surfing it you can maintain those pecs by bench pressing it.

Nobody really answered the question.

Once, at a garage sale, I saw a brand new longboard for 200 bucks. Never ridden. It was a nine foot performance longboard, and I had no use for that kind of board, but I knew that I could easily turn it around on Ebay for three to four hundred bucks. Instant profit, so I told the guy to hold it and that I’d be right back (oh, and I talked him into 175).

I ran to the ATM, grabbed some bucks, and sped back to the garage sale.

Thank goodness I looked at it a second time before coughing up the cash. It did, in fact, have cloth inlays, and they were delamed in that exact location. Four football-sized delams on the bottom of the board. It would have been better had the delams been on the top, but I still wouldn’t have bought it. I asked the guy why he didn’t point it out to me when I first took interest, and he got pissy with me. So I asked him if he would take a hundred for it. He replied, “the price is two hundred. I’m not coming down from that.”

Either he was offended and reverted to the original price, or forgot I had talked him down earlier.

And then, when I left he said, “You told me to hold it for you. I could have sold it.”

I didn’t even turn around. I just kept walking.

So, yes, inlays can be a problem, especially if they are Sponge Bob or Spiderman II.