Cloth Inlay Question for Epoxy Board

I checked the archives but wanted to know if anyone had some advise on the following issues.

  1. Can I use a cotton/polyester blend for the inlay or will the polyester create a problem.
  2. Was going to wet the blank lay the cloth, flush it out, and then lay double 6 oz over it and set up the board.
Check out this fabric.

1 Cotton/Poly blend is not a problem.

2 Definitely preseal the area of the inlay with epoxy. On some inlays the EPS blanks out gassed and blew a huge bubble under the fabric. Presealing the area is a good precaution against this happening. BTW, even though it’s rare, I’ve seen it happen on ocassion with some urethane blanks too.

no problem…i’ve done it a millon times,ok a half sound like you know what you are doing,so just do it. later Ed Townes a.k.a ET

I might sound like I know what I am doing but I have never done it, Yet!

I am ordering the fabric today!


if you are in new york,heat up the resin…not the harder… e-mail me and let me know how it came out. peace, ET