CNC Machines - Viability

Hey Mr Gazola

Are you still tuned into this thread?

I have just checked out what you posted and appreciate what you are offering.

My background is CNC and 3D designing CAD/CAM since 1990, I also bought a machine with auto toolchange for over a hundred grand and made surfboards for a living. 

I am REALY impressed with your cheap as possible machines. The stringer problem people go on about can easily e solved in many ways as you know and that picture of a machine you made with an angle grinder solves that problem.

I’m a poor person now unemployed living with friends, lost everything to a bad bank loan. But I’m keen to get my surfboard buisiness going again. I need a really really cheap machine, one that can be used in a suburban backyard shed and can be dismantled and moved easily. No dust extraction, (I don’t know of one that acually works on with surfboards on a machine where the head moves) I can build a frame cheap, anyone can, but the other bits, the gantry and the controllers, I can’t. Can you fill me in what you can sell me at what prices. Or can you direct me to the parts that I need and can buy cheap. I have the CAD/CAM and can generate gcodes.