coke bottle

i love the tint color referred to as coke bottle green. do they sell a specific pigment for this shade? or what can i mix to get it???

OK, you use some green transparent pigment mixed with a very slight amount of purple transparent pigment. I was lucky enough to find authentic 60’s pigemnts through Polyester Pig. I then sent these to the glasser (Epoxy Pro)and had them do a cut lap glass job on a 3 stringer Dick Brewer/Plumeria Y2K Pipeliner model. It came out great, and interesting due to the fact that they did the cut lap on the top overlapping the bottom (not vice vesa like the old days), and they did a pinline on the deck. By the way Epoxy Pro does awesome cut laps even though they like to primarily do epoxy work. The reverse lap scheme works well as the deck is usually waxed anyway. It looks awesome and has the old look but is no heavier than a modern glass job.

I thought that this was the point of using the Volan cloth?

Using Volan or not depends on how heavy you want the board to be. The way I did it allowed for a '50’s look with a 2003 weight. Some folks like the heavier weight on longboards, it’s just a matter of preference.

You can also put a couple of drops of green in your lam coat. 6oz looks almost identical to Volan when its pigmented. Anyhow Volan nowadays is about 7oz or 7.5 and it sometimes has weird flaws in the weave. 6oz cloth with a few drops of green in the cut lam works good. -Jay

Where is this “poyester Pig” located? Is it a store? Online Store? I’m up here in the pacific northwest and will be using resin tints on my next 2 boards. There is a store up here but colors are limited and very expensive. Thanks, TM

Polyester Pig is out of Long Beach. He was selling his pigments on e-bay for a while. I haven’t seen them posted for some time? I’ll try to find his e-mail -Jay

any other good recomendations for pigment suppliers?? Fib. Hawaii??