Cold(ish) weather curing

Im ready to glass my first board. I will be doing this outside/in shed.


The daytime temperature at the moment is around 55-60 degrees dropping to around 46 during the night.

Will this low temperature affect the curing if I leave the board in my shed overnight? I plan to do the laminating around midday so it will have a few hours to go off before the temperatures start dropping in the evening.

I realise it may take longer to harden but was worried the coldness will affect the strength of the resin before its fully cured.


Thanks again


Epoxy or poly?


As far as I know, you should be OK. Make sure you make the adjustment for cooler weather when you add your cat.

UV Resin is the way to go in cold weather, avoid a ton of problems and watch it go off in minutes. You can buy the UV catalyst and add it to your can of resin. Heating up your resin in a hot water bath will help it flow better also.