Cold laminating

I’d like to make a few boards over this winter. What, if anything, will work for laminating in the cold. My shed is unheated so it can be just about like working outside in a NY winter. Suncure/solarez - seems like it would be the best bet. but what about … Epoxy? s249a? What are the temperature limits that should not be passed? Thanks, Eric J

Eric, Rule of thumb: Below 60 degrees F, or above 90 degrees F you can expect some problems. They can sometimes be overcome by additives and/or catalyst changes, but that takes experience. Some of the glassers on this site can probably give you info on that. The best bet, in my opinion, is to heat the room as close as possible to the ideal, or build a heat box big enough for the board, and keep it in there for resin set up. Doug

Even if you can get the resin to go off, you’ll have issues with the viscosity of the resin. At winter temps the resin will be pretty thick. You might want to heat it to be able to work it into the cloth. No chance for moving the board to a heated place after working the resin into the cloth or heating the shed? The odor from Epoxy is almost noneexistant(my wife does not complain which is an improvement over the polyester repairs I do)How about building a heated postcure oven? regards, Håvard

Thanks Doug and Havard. I may try to insulate the shed, but I’m not blessed with a space indoors to lam &/or cure a board… unless the wife and kids go away for the weekend… then I could use the dining room in a snap. with alot of drop cloths and epoxy only. for the shed I’d need to insulate, run a heater, then lam, then run the heater again while it’s curing. That scares me a bit to run a heater big enough to do the job with all those fumes around… Maybe a big ceramic heater? don’t think it could be propane or even an old coil type heater, without danger.

microwave your resin

Micro it. I was blasted by many people about doing this…Some say use a crock pot as it is safer.

I don’t know how dangerous epoxy fumes are, styrene is propably worse. Greg would know. Archive has info on heating resin. If you could just keep it warm enough for laminating, you could build a insulated box that would have room enough for a surfboard and put a heater in it. regards, Håvard

ive never had an issue with the microwave, most shops ive been in have 2, one for food and one for the winter.

Howzit Dave, The only resin I heat if I have to is glossing resin. I put hot water in a big pan and put the can in it. You might have to refill the hot water a couple of times but I’d say it’s a lot safer than nuking it.Aloha, Kokua

Back in the day we always cranked up the keresene jet heater(the kind that resemble the business end of a jet engine).It’ll get cozy in no time,plus you can prop up a jug of resin in front of it(not too close)& it will get nice & water-like for easy wet-outs!IN REALITY THIS IS PRETTY DANGEROUS AND THE FUMES FROM KICKIN’ POLY & KEROSENE AT THE SAME TIME SUCK! A lot of small-time operations use 'em though, and I know of at least 1 that burnt down from this scenario,& 1 that almost did. I think the suncure resin would be a good way to go,keep it warm and viscous,lam the bottom,expose to light-it’ll harden pretty quick, even in freezing temps.Of course crappy winter days with wind howling or rain would make it a hassle. Any little electric heater if turned on before hand would at least get your room tolerable to work in.The resin definately needs to be warm to work with though,lamming with thick cold resin sucks.

I have been glassing on and off for around 40 years and have used many heating methods but after discovering suncure I am all for it.It may not be the deal for production but its great for novice builder.Lots of stuff in the archives…search for Tom Stern or Shawn Ambrose. R.B.

Thanks everyone. Brucker says Suncure, so - damn the smell - that’s what I’ll do… I’ll make sure the resin’s kept warm inside the house until it’s time to laminate. And I’ll run a little ceramic heater in the shed until it’s a bit warmer than outside and go for it. This’ll probably be in the depths of winter too… And yes, I’ll test the resin first to see what will happen. Hope the glassing video is going well RB. I know there’s alot of us looking forward to that coming out. best, Eric J