ok, so my parents want me to go to college. I have been landlocked for 9 months out of the year since i was born so i figure going to college will get me an oppurtunity to surf, while my parents pay for it and my higher education. any people on here go to a college near good surf spots? keep in mind this is for america only. sorry auslockers. and also is there any schools that have good shapers nearby, where i might beable to apprentice.

iowa state has a sick apprentice program

Howzit rider, How does UH on Oahu sound,perect for you.Aloha,Kokua

SDState you can amble down the cliffs to surf Blacks.

I’ve heard there may be a few shapers in SanDiego.

yeah i would look west for my college experience. I moved a little father from the beach then i did when i lived with my parents. i am not to far like 2 and a half hours instead of 30 minutes.

theres a lot of options in the carolinas as well, i think wingate is close to the water. also barry and flager are close to the beach in fl.

by the way college is frusterating and is almost pointless. my self and other friends have had very serious hard times finding decent jobs.

Also FAU is in deerfield/boca raton fl… real close to the beach… I’m heading to UCF which is like 40 mins from the east and west coast for surf… both options…

Pepperdine University (malibu campus)… heres a pic of their campus…


SDState you can amble down the cliffs to surf Blacks.

I’ve heard there may be a few shapers in SanDiego.

I go to SDSU, and I agree with LeeDD, although I still haven’t seen any shapers. Guess I should look harder?

Try BYU-Hawaii Campus. It is 10 minutes away from the North Shore and some of the best shapers and glassers on the planet. I attended a few semesters there is the mid 70’s for the reasons I just mentioned. You will have to get use to the Mormon culture and dress code but they are good people there. You might even get a job at the Polynesian Cultural Center to pay for your tuition. I even helped with teaching surfing and got paid for it. There is also a nice mix of great looking women from all over the world there. Imagine watching the best surfers in the world take on the Pipeline or watching some of the best board builders do their thing in between your classes. I think you can get a very rich educational experience there but you need to be flexible and open to other lifesyles and cultures.

Sorry, but this is a sore note for me…

If you’re going to school, go to school. Go to the BEST school you can for your field of study. Period. With all these kids getting degrees just cause mom and dad are willing to pony up the bucks, there’s a whole lot of people out there with useless degrees and the curriculums are being dumbed down to graduate people that aren’t in to putting in the required effort to really get an education. There’s pressure on Universities not to flunk people, even though the kind of study habits being observed these days would have left students grades in the gutters 10-20 years ago. I’ve witnessed this first hand from a student AND lecturers perspective.

If you wanna go surf for a while, then get the REAL education you’re looking for; quit suckling Mom and Dad’s tit, foot your own bills, get a job and go live the surf lifestyle somewhere you’re not landlocked.

If you wanna go to school, go to the one with the best program, work your ass off, get good grades, get scholarships and get something out of your eduction. Believe me, it’s happening less and less these days and if you’re not serious about your schooling you’ll join the ranks of all the other disillusioned 20 somethings who wonder where their passion went, why they’re in debt and WTF they’re supposed to do with this piece of paper that doesn’t mean anytying to them anymore.

Now…if you wanna do Oceanography…get your ass to Scripp’s.

Do what GWN says, I totally agree with him, you’ll come out the other end a better person, stronger, confident and in control.

Good luck in your studies, this is your only chance…prove yourself to yourself.

You never know, you might even grow some hair on your chest.

I’m with the Greatwhitenorth, get the best education you possibly can, and make sure you graduate. It doesn’t matter what the degree is in, just graduate. Forget about surfing for awhile, get the degree that helps you gets the job that can let you surf when ever and where ever you want. Theres plenty of time to surf, but only a short time when your parents will fit the bill for school.

The 2 best surf schools in the country are UCSD and UCSB. Colleges in Hwaii are okay, too. Good waves in the heart of the surfboard industry state. When I used to visit my friends on UCSD surf club/team, they had the key to Blacks.

Great White’s got the best answer. If your serous about college your not going to have time to surf. Not much anyway. I went to UCSC using your criteria and found out the hard way. I had to study my ass off. So I stayed a few years after graduation got a shitty job and “surfed to my hearts content.” Mike

Finals have me busy but here is my short answer. Ucsd. They guarentee 2 years of on campus housing. From the dorms you can walk to blacks. You are also within day trip range to mexico if you get the bug to travel a tad. Rumor has it, it is a pretty good school too. And now that I live off campus I can shape and glass 350 days a year in my driveway. Darren

I agree with Darren. As a med student at UCSD, I have no time- BUT I can get out of the water and be in class in 5 minutes (including wet suit change) which gives me atleast an hour or two everyday if I want it to surf. Good school too, keep your parents proud, and actually have a degree that means something. PLUS we’re on the quarter system, which gives us all of September off- while everyone else is back in class, you have the fall surf to yourself. Have Darren show you a good time in the “fireball”

Uncw in wilmington 5 min from wrightsville beach

So Rider,

what exactly is it that you want to go to school for? maybe if you can be specific for a certain type of major then we can help you find the right school for surfing AND studying.


*hey shaperkook do you know a girl named marisela? she’s a good friend of mine at ucsd med

it is true that ucf is about 40 minutes away from cocoa beach. and we do get some pretty solid waves. today was almost head high and glassy.

but i can tell you from experience as i live about ten minutes from ucf it takes a whole hell of a lot longer then 40 minutes to get to the gulf. but why would you ever want to do that anyways.

its true that you need to get a good education at a good school but if you end up at a school that you hate you are going to hate college and not really learn anything.

your better off going to where you want to go, and if thats close to the beach, so be it. if you take an extra semester so what you will learn grow and actually like the experience.

Looked her up on our contact page- is she the first year? If so, I havent met her yet- Does she surf? Always looking for more med students to drag in the water