Coloring PU glue?

I am about to glue up a triple stringered blank with PU glue (the Elmer’s version) and was thinking about trying to color the glue.

Anybody tried this? Any experience taking glue lines to white, black, or colors would be appreciated. I have graphite powder, microbaloons, and various color epoxy pigments. to work with.

In the absence of feedback, I’ll just try and see how it goes.


Why not just glue up using tinted epoxy?


Often wondered the same thing, but have never tried.

That said, just a couple of my long time thoughts…Firstly, you mention “epoxy pigments”, I would test them with PU glue for compatability…my feeling has been to try it with regular old food coloring (liquid) or possibly Rit fabric dyes as they might be more compatable. Just a thought.

Also, though I’ve only used Gorilla glue and not Elmers, it’s pretty thick coming out of the bottle. I’ve found that a few seconds in the microwave or putting the bottle in a pot of hot water makes the glue much runnier and would make it easier to mix with another medium and easier to spread.

The trick with the whole deal is that as soon as the glue is exposed to air it starts going off. That puts time constraints on mixing and spreading.

The whole concept has possibilities and might be worth a call to Elmers - or Gorilla - so look for an 800 # on the bottle and see what they have to say. Lots of those outfits will put you through directly to an R&D guy who might actually know something.

Either way, let us know how you make out.


Just wondering what’s the matter with using plain old Polyester lam resin tinted blue, red or black. The way Clark used to do it, as well as many of today’s blank manufactuers?

Thanks folks.

Glueing up with epoxy or poly lam resin would work just fine. I only ask because, I typically only use epoxy because my wife won’t stand the smell and I am worried about the fumes killing my son’s pet parrots (they’re real sensitive and live right over the garage), and I have 3 boards to glass this week before I go to Capetown on Friday and no epoxy to spare on an experiment, and I have plenty of PU glue and am curious what would happen.

As far as using food coloring, I am sure it would be compatible (the PU needs water to kick), but since it is dye based, I would worry about bleed into the foam and stringer. Pigments tend to be less mobile since they are much pigger than dyes. I will throw a food coloring split into the experiment to see.

PU could still be a bust: I think Benny showed that it penetrates really deep into the foam (might have been only 1lb EPS) and this coulde be very cool or really ugly if it carries the color with it