Connection, chance or just an Oldphart slowly losin’ it?

A little Malibu trivia, Matt Kivlin quit surfing around the time I was born.

Dora ruled in my day and a lot of us robbed his style including the “crab stance”.

The web allowed us to look back and a least see some photos of Mr. Kilvlin in action.

No doubt Dora mimicked Kivlin and we copied Dora the style lived on.

Matt Kivlin and Joe Quiqq did a lot for us. A shot of Matt’s last board just blew me away!

1951’ish and REALLY ahead of its time. Pix 1.

The “style” Quigg, Matt, Mickey, Pix 2,3&4

Matt’s fin (51), Pix 5

1st generation “Cat” fin, Pix 6



Kivlin was the original, and Dora well, never been a fan.  Surf heroes are mostly conjured up by the surf media to fulfill some type of marketing strategy.  So many wannabe surf-stars still try to get by by their “star power” or their own mispercieved celebrity status.  That being said Kivlin’s stuff was way ahead of his times, go back and study his paddleboards- they were amazing; he should get more respect, but there are those lin the media Pezman, or Sam “the glam” George who have their own self serving “not surfing” agenda.  That being said Dora could surf Malibu.


Thanks for your thoughts and kind words, first hand knowledge is getting harder to come by.

Dora could surf anywhere.

F the media!

Both Quigg and Kivlin deserve a lot more credit.

Quigg is one hell of a craftsman and innovator!

I would not bring anything with me (to Malibu) if time travel were possible.

We would not be where we are today without these guys...




My first real job was washing dishes at an Italian restraunt down from the Tonga Lei past Hickory Burger. On my breaks I’d walk up to the pier and use the scopes behind Alice’s and watch the line up. One day while looking, an older gentleman walks up and starts to talk to me about the point. I dropped in another nicklel and asked if he wanted to look closer. He started to ID just about all the guys in the water (the ones catching set waves at least) so I asked questions of him. I asked him to explain the pig plan shape and others to me and he got real in depth. I had seen plenty of boards shaped by T. Bowler and Glen Kennedy by then so I was able to follow him. The cook from the restraunt walked up as I was saying goodbye and thank you to the older man. The cook was a died in the wool squid and gaped at me and asked, "Do you even know who that guy was? Nope. Turns out it was Kit Horn!!! He came into the restraunt a few times after that and always said hello and asked if I was getting any waves. Couldn’t have been a nicer man. I sure miss those days.


ps. My buddy was sitting on the beach and ran out to save Dora’s board from washing into the cobbles. He paddled it back out to him and Dora never said a word, not even a thanks. My buddy still asserts it was a highlight of his life. No good deed…

Dora---------  He was what he he was.  Love him or hate him.  If you had an idea of what he was really like, but you weren’t the object of his rip-off, it was no big deal.  Otherwise you knowingly let him take advantage of you and then bragged about it to your Bros later.  Met him once in SC after his jail time.  Didn’t even dawn on me who he was at first.  He needed some ding repair done. Lowel

M’Ding, did you ever get paid?

I guess you would have been one of the lucky ones if you did.

I guy I know here in town got the “refridgerator” collection  from L. Cuy (who still lives in town) and made some dough.

No.  I didn’t even ask for any money.  He just said “thanks buddy” and went off with his two female traveling companions who were up that way for that womens contest they used to have every year in Capitola.

Mr. Phart, Damn straight I was honored by meeting Mr. Horn. Never saw him surf though.

Glen still shapes and I’d bet it’s your Skil he is using. Another good man Glen.

I’ve been incredibly lucky enough to have surfed “Paumalu” with Mr. Cole several times. Before and after his stroke and still surfed better than most. All you had to do was shadow him a bit and know you were in the right spot. (“right in front of the little yellow house past Val’s”)

Seems we may have crossed paths at some time or another.

M’Ding, At least you got bragging rights. Not everyone could say no harm no foul in dealing with Da Cat.