Convert grinder into polisher.

Has anyone tried to slow down a cheap electric grinder to use as a polisher. I have used a dimmer switch to slow down a drill many years ago and this worked well. I wonder if anyone knows of a work around for this.

Thanks Gaz

I never had a polisher I just added a buffing cover disc gunned the grinder with the spring switch and added compound … Dimmer …reostat? can burn out a grinder? the millwaukee polisher grinder variable speed red corvette put on a beret and throw the cheapie to the sloths that cant you will be in comparative heaven…polishing and sanding rails with a tiny soft pad at speed one OHHHHHH baby could life be sweeter… Popular mechanics satire in mad magazine long ago,to make a chisel out of a file make a screwdriver out of a chisel make a punch out of a screwdriver make a paint can opener out of a punch and finally make a file out of a paint can opener ,the sequence may be wrong but… , an appropriate tool is a great investment and a Joy to use …ambrose…What? me worry?,Alfred E Newman (neuman?)

Gazro, Harbor freight sells one of those little gadgets to control speed with. I use it on my router when cutting down FCS plugs. Ahoy Ambrose! Just got to work, 4 AM here. Got a big head from a birthday party limo ride last night…need water…


bless you my son go forth and sin no more …6 o’ clock mass is in an hour or so they serve before any one else opens up…the hair of the dog lad the hair of the dog …Friar ambrose…communion, a couple hail mary’s, a few our fathers ,and spin arround twenty times fast…you’ll be at the top o’ yer game…it is all about catholisism you’ll be o.k.

The router speed control boxes work great.I got mine from Grizzly Tools.They have a feature that allows the torque to remain constant so you don’t strain the motor.I would be leary of a common dimmer switch.

why would you want to slow it down?

This might be a dumb question, but…

Are you talking about a 7-9" grinder, typically 8-10 amps and up, 6000 RPM, or are you talking about one of the small jobbies that use a 4-5" disc and run at 10,000 RPM? The bigger ones can be slowed down some, but the little guys might get kinda hairy to use with a full-sized polishing wheel/pad.


Howzit Brother Brose, Ask BASA about those Milwaukees, He finally got tired of dealing with them burning out on him. I loaned him 1 of my Makitas for a month and he liked it. I think he’s using a Dewalt and a Porter Cable Now.Aloha, Kokua

I’m thinking he’s talking about a 15amp 6k rpm. What stage of polishing he’s talking about is also a good question. The sanding or the polishing with wool pad.

Howzit vpravada, BASA has a junk store room that last time I looked had at least 3 or 4 broken Milwaukee grinders in it. He sent 1 to Milwaukee to fix and it broke 1 month after he got it back. Milwaukee’s are not made in the US any more, might be the reason. Aloha, Kokua