Cordless planers what RU using or NOT and why? Wanna kno whether to go "cordless or not...."

Hey…loooooooong time no post. The Q is self explanatory …cordless or not what R u using and why really U don’t have to tell me that. I just want info B4 I spend money-cordless or not - what YOU consider best planer and that’s about it…very simple no?? Thanks a heap -just lookin 4a direction and value most opinions on here…wats up Rooster? Looong time no ne thing…thanks 4the help when I wuz startin…Greg Loehr=genius no more need 2bsaid…Sammy I’ll be in touch I owe U much nuff said-just got back and was NOT aware things were not taken care of many apologies.China is a hard place to get NE real info…thanks 4 all replies-have fun. Or why RU doin it???

I have the cordless Hitachi 12 V. If I remember correctly, it can do about 80 passes before the battery dies. It was only $75 when I bought it, though. I just bought a back up battery, too. 

If you’re already using a vacuum hose, I don’t see the point in going cordless. 

I am using a vacuum hose -what difference does that make? Pardon my ignorance on the subject. Anyone else care to comment? Please enlighten me B4 I spend money needlessly-I thought it would ease all the cordage ect in the room. Thanks…Have fun.

What ghostshaper's saying about the vac is that you normally run the power supply up with the vac hose, the ''one umbilical'' way.

IMO a cordless planer would likely be heavy and strangely balanced because of battery weight. Never tried one, though.

Hi Mike, I’m sure that I’m not the only one to use this set-up but here is what I have found to be the most convenient for me: I like to do rough work with blades and finish work with a grit barrel so I wanted to be able to switch planers in a blink but still have them connected to the vacuum. So I just shortened the cables going from the planers’ handles and equipped them with a male plug that I zipped to the top of the handles. The power comes from a cable that’s linked with the vacuum hose and both can be very easily plugged/unplugged:





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That's a nice quick-change set-up. I don't use grit drums, just carbide blades. I've thought about doing a plug like that, but mine's still hard-wired into the trigger. My ''load'' on the planer is so light that I can go a couple of years without having to unconnect. If I was mowing down big PU blanks with lots of wood in them it would be different.

OK, Mike, what is that thing attached to the shoe of your planner? 

The thing on the front (shoe) is my earmuffs. I think you're asking about the thing on the rear (baseplate). That's the wall-mount rest that holds the tool when not in use and keeps the vac hose out of the way while finish shaping. It's part of the Clark vac system I use. I didn't rotate the pic before posting, here it is again ''fixed''.


Its the wall hanger…not the earmuffs (as I am sure you figured out by now) I guess you ALL answered my questions. I used the same set up with the cords running down the vacuum tube. I just remember a thread a long time ago before i kinda stopped watching reading and posting. Which that will change now as I will read more Swaylocks not less…change my path to learn more,let more ideas into my head. Instead of just creating and using my own. the EPS under a vac-ed on veneer of balsa with a layer of glass and epoxy over that which is an amazing thing-flexible strong-light…perfect IMO.
Anyway any more ideas hi-jack away which it wasn’t , just good info and a GREAT idea.
Still dont know if Ill go with a cordless or not-change my mind would ya? tell me which is a good-great planer thats all the info I really need. I would like to see more pic set-ups of how U have your room set up. If you use a cordless planer show/tell me which one-I would appreciate it very much. Good shaping and even greater ideas to you and myself as well…never close your mind…never.
So tell me what is the best planer I can get NOW not a planer from the past that I can find nor posses-thanks for ALL your help and for goodness sakes HAVE FUN!!!

Oh yah Balsa…NICE planers I won’t even ask about how to get such luvley equip such as that…all I can say is NICE NICE NICE!!!

Hi Ocean,

I got your pm, but didn’t know what the f… you were referring too.  Apologies.  I did my last board( a mini-simmons-ACE inspired with apologies to both) with a big shiny Rockwell 653.  I have 2 modified Hitachis.  One is an older model with unsealed bearings that was cheeper than the sealed bearing model.  I also have the nicer sealed bearing model, but I hate the way it throws the dust up and into the path in which I’m walking.  I’ve hooked up vacumes to it, but find it too restraining.  I use them both depending on whim.  My first 5 or 6 boards were skinned with a Makita.  I use that for doors and such now. The Rockwell rides like a pimp in a pink Cadillac.  Beautiful machine. Welcome back and slow down.   Mike

ahhhh a friendly face so to speak…when I signed after eons I had all these pm’s …obviously VERY old…butt ha it was late and I was awash with well many many things yah kno? Ne who appologies to those to whom I replied VERY late…like yourself…I am sure you were like WTF is this turkey talkin about. I think I did get those temps. THANKS Mike.
I’ve caught up and figured out to which century to which I have entered. Whatevers so sorry to whom I offended. Just got back “in country” and what a f-ed up place it has become in such short time. Dont get me wrong USA is the Best but that term is a worldly F-ed term to say the least…we aint the hot shite we strut around as-get OUT THERE and see for yourself.

Where does one find a “rockwell”(search insuing) ??? Enough for now…any more temps PM me and I would be glad to exchange as we have in the past- nice to cyber talk to U as Usual Mike- Rooster talk to ya soon I hope…

*will try to sloooooow down a bit fer sure…


Bump…I guess there are no comments to be given-why did I stop posting? Hmmmm…or maybe just no intelligent replies out there to be made. I’ve already got a spanking new set-up so thanks for the info/replies ect ect…do have fun

*it was a good reminder of why I stopped posting along with most of the other posters as well…


I think it may be coming back to me.  Did we exchange fish templates years ago?  You from Florida, sent me a template you took from one of your boards?  I sent you one from one of my fishes? Both templates came from iconic fish shapers I believe.   If so I thank you for that template.  I’ve used it to make several very fun boards.  Google Rockwell 653 versa plane and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  Or, check the archives here and you will see a couple of modified Rockwells.  

I’ve been stuck in the wrong century all this life. Oh, well. I’m still enjoying my life as a human being.  No complaints.  I just watch other people worry about shit that doesn’t really matter and don’t let it spoil the fun.  Don’t go away mad.  Just slow down so others understand the questions.  There’s as much sharing as always around here.  A lot of different voices.  But, just as much sharing.  More tech., etc.  Share what you’ve learned since you’ve been gone.  Personally, I’m interested in surf related topics.  Not your world view of the state of things.   Mike

   Hey Balsa, that is hot. I also use blades for shaping, roller for finishing and all the dust sprays all over me, being left handed, I just got used to it. Does the vacume get in your way at all?

cheers H