Cords...can't live with them...can't live with them...

I’d like to hear some ideas on how different shapers deal with cords, as in the planer cord, etc. They’ve been a real pain in the ass for me lately, so I’m thinking there might be a better technique in dealing with them. The main problem I encounter is the cord grabbing on the tail of the blank or even the top of the shaping stand as I’m making passes. Presently I wrap the cord about two times around my arm as to draw it more outward so it avoids these things. I also turn the planer a bit into each pass, again as to bring the cord around the blank and not through it. It works most of the time, but I’d like to hear other inventive ways to deal. How about a cordless planer that’s powered by either airborn foam particles or the music of Alice and Chains…(?)

you wrap it around your arm? If you happen to drop the plane while running that could be VERY ugly. When I don’t have the planer hooked up to the vacuum, I tuck a bight of the cord into the back of my pants and that seems to help. When I have the vacuum hooked up to the planer I run the cord up the vacuum hose (twisted around it)…

I have trouble stepping on it and it gets caught on the tail when I am moving forward. I was thinking of running a piece of clothsline type cord along the ceiling parrell to the stinger. Then placing shower curtain rings on it. Run an extension cord from the plug up through the rings which would be spaced out along the clothesline. Then tape the extension cord to the individual rings. This would allow you to plug the planer into the extension cord over head. The rings would slid up and down the clothesline as you move back and forth. Hopefully this makes some kind of sense and helps you out. Frank

What if? – One hooks up a shop-vac to a long vacuum hose & dresses this hose off the ceiling on a have nylon cord that will allow it a bit of freedom withenough reach to do a 12 footer and dress the power with loops of tape onto the vacuum hose? It would seem a good idea to have some kind of shelf you can put the planer on when it’s not in use that it can’t get knocked from – Result? – Wa La no foam dust all over the place and the cord is never in the way. Such options are not available to all. But dressing the cord overhead seems like a straightforward solution. Off to the fin shop, Rich

that’s pretty much how mine is set up – I have a wire above the racks with a sliding shackle/swivel/ring. Vac hose and planer cord go up, across, through the slider ring, then hang more-or-less straight down to the blank. It’s not perfect at the far ends of longer boards but it works pretty well. The shop vac definitely cuts way down on the foam dust & cleanup time!!

ghunt- get some tubing that is used for airlines with fishtanks- you will have to size your plane cordand match it up with an appropriate tube- it is a clear poly-something, and choose the length you would like(preferably 2-4ft). now, this is where things get tricky(for me anyway)- you will have to take apart the handle of yourplane and disconnect the wires- draw a diagram on paper as to where the wires go, so reassembling will be simpler. at this point, slide the tube over the end of the wire and allow a couple inches of wire coming out of the end. if the going is tough, try some spray silicone lube and slide on in(sorry for the pun). rewire and turn that planer on and get goin! note- the amount of tube youchoose to use will determine how far the cord will hang behind you. good luck bra.

if you’re going to that much trouble you might as well put a longer cord on it while you are at it.

I have more than one planer, so I don’t think I’ll be going to all that trouble. You guys gave me some ideas, though…so thanks for the replies.

This might be too simple. Just tape a half pound weight to an extension cord. Screw in a J-hook centered a few feet above your racks. Screw in another J-hook to the ceiling a few feet away. Run the cord through both J-hooks, with the weighted wire suspended from the “away” hook. The weight will rise and fall, keeping tension on the planer cord as you stretch and contract it. Adjust the amount of weight to adjust cord tension. You’ll hafta tie the planer cord to the extension cord, and place the “away” hook where it doesn’t conflict with the knot.

Actually a factory such as one which irons dress pants would know.

Check out the picture of Reynolds Yater’s setup in his shaping bay.Surfers Journal last year.Sorry I dont know the volume no. R.B.