Craigslist Ad of the Year Contest


Can I have some drugs with that ad ?

pain killers are what I prefer.


WOW, forget about that board…He’s so handsome!!! What a hunk!!

750.00 what a deal for that!!

Sheesh - I might pay 750.00 just for those sunglasses.

Maybe we can all pool enough money together to pay him 750 to take the ad down.

you are just jealous because you can’t surf in pilot’s glasses…

This was one of my favorites,this guy stole a bunch of stuff from a friend of mine then posted this pic on ebay to sell the stolen board with his tag plainly visible in the photo.

ha ha ha!

that is AWSOME!


that’s even better Jesus!

Jesus, you spelled visible wrong…


I took the pic from another site,nice Texas sign in the bockground of that one!Is that a man or a woman? :smiley:

asweome board dont even want to sell it but need to i paid 750 $ for it so this is a fucking deal


I moved down here from New York City for the beach life like everyone else from NYC has yo. So I see guys surfin and say hey, I could do that. I go to the shop and pay $750 for something I have no clue, but I look cool carrying the thing around the beach with my shades yo…lookout ladies. I try to paddle out towards a pack of friendly lookin guys but couldnt see shit thru my shades and run into some local dude and he and his friends beat the living snot out of me saying “GO HOME KOOK” or something I dunno I had a hard time hearing thru all the pummeling. Im just guessing but these guys seemed a bit territorial yo. Anywayz, in hyndsight surfing is more than I bargained for, so Im selling this ASWEOME board for a f_cking song so I can buy more shades and mirrors yo…fahgetabouit…Vinny.