crowded house

I just had a really intuitive session, my first on pu for about a year, and I can see why clark was so popular. Easy shaping, eh. I’ve cut down a fish (it’s in the resources) to become a scramjet *tm. It may take a while, as postage to here takes anywhere up to six weeks and I’m waiting on resin, but it’ll have an epoxy/glass skin. The reason for this post is that I had a pretty easy time skinning the board of glass, but the cloth inlay was a mongrel of a thing to pull. Is this just because the cotton cloth is weaker, therefore harder to get a good pull on without tearing, or is the bond better through the cloth due to its porosity? I don’t really care about the cosmetics, and cotton cloth is more readily available than glass, so if anyone has experimented, how’s it go as a laminating reinforcement?

To the Kiwi’s out there, can we swap Russel Crowe for Neil Finn? Really, ‘thirty odd foot of grunt’ just doesn’t cut it, and his uncle was your cricket captain after all… Crowded House is as good as it gets for shaping music, I reckon.