current water temperatures in europe

I’m heading to Bairritz next weekend and am trying to find out what the water temperature is now. Anyone know a good site for finding this info out?


Ive just got back from there - water was warm (for a brit!) i used a 3/2 full but you could have worn a shorty (when the sun was out) some locals were wearing shorts and neoprene ls vests,

check here for more info on the surf:

watch out for the bouys, they were showing 1.5m when i left but the surf peaked at HUGE, in size and when i got back they were showing 6m+ for when i was there!!

have a great time

as ever

keen to learn…

Water temp is more or less 20°C for now. Wear a 3/2 MM or shorty but the air is getting cooler now.