Cut Laps?? Pigment??

I have glassed one board using pigment. It did not turn out quite how I would have liked. It started out fine, but when it was time to tuck the lap the color spread onto the deck of the board. I was wondering are there any tricks to get the pigment to not spread and to stay in a crisp line. Do you mix the pigment in the Laminating resin? Hot Coat? or Gloss? I am looking for the early 70’s look. With pigment color and opaque tints. Any help would be great.



Put the pigment in the lam resin. You can put it in the hotcoat resin, but you don’t get the same depth. Your doing a cutlap I hope? Make sure you run a fingernail or popcycle stick along the edge of the tape so the pigmented resin does not leak. And be careful not to smear the pigmented resin onto the deck when your are wrapping the rails. Hope it helps. Mike

You have to do cutlaps unless the board is all the same color. I always do cutlaps so I don’t have to deal with all the strings. Normally, the lam resin is pigmented. If you put a clear hotcoat over that, you’ll see the weave of the cloth (and any imperfections like overlaps on the tail and nose). If you color the hotcoat with the same pigment as you did the lam, you’ll hide most imperfections + the stringer and weave. It will look somewhat like a SurfTech though. There’s detailed info in the archives on cutlaps, pigmented lams, etc. Glassing is a long learning curve, but the info here makes it alot shorter. Good luck.

Thanks for the info. What do you mean “run your finger nail along the tape?” Do you put the tape a little further in than where the fiberglass would go when you tuck the lap?

I run my finger nail( carefully so I don’t score the foam) so the tape makes a tight seal. Yes, the glass overlaps the tape a bit. Cut with the razor blade along this edge after the lam resin begins to harden and carefully pull up the tape giving you a good clean border or lap. I’m a novice. Hopefully, better instructions to follow. Mike