Cutting Glass fins on bandsaw

Nice set of fins Huie …( and now I can see the difference in the guide bearings ! )

14’’ delta bandsaw, set up like Gene said, and unless your an idiot, you will most likely never break another blade.  The difference is well worth the investment.  Now a 20’’ or a Laguna would be even cooler.  I prefer tools that are dependable, and last a lifetime.  Nothing worse than having to make a set of fins and a blade snaps like Jim said, and not having a back up plan.  I also prefer making my owh fins, my own way, usually with a combination of Rohacell, and glass.  With the right blade and saw, its so easy you’ll almost forget how freakin itchy you are; I said almost.

I’m with Herb all the way!

Why spend big money on a tool,

nothing on protection and sport

all those little fiberglass swords

in you skin. Not Really!


I mean what’s a pastrami sandwich

without mustard?


It’s all about priorities and facility.

A good scroll saw  held blade up

 in a work-mate with a rim grit blade

& a soft stream air in one working hand

whispering over the cut

makes for a tool with throat as big as 

the world and a one minute $4.00 blade

replacement which only occurs after

huge mistake or many, many hours of cutting.


No Worries, Rich

Gonna go with the remgrit blade. I have a 14" Rockwell with carter guides and brand new urethane tires. Have been using band saws for 40 years and they are one of the core tools in my furniture restoration shop. I have a bench mount 12"disc sander and an oscillating spindle sander for cleaning up the cuts. Thanks for the feedback.


Hey cleanlines, get back to us here and tell us what you think after you’ve cut a few sets.  I used to stack tri-fin sets back in the 80’s taped together so the cut would be identical on all 3 fins.  Makes it so much easier; just roll the tape and fold it half-way so it sticks on both sides, and doesn’t move.  Make sure you rough sand your panels first, and clean them well so the tape holds.  1 1/2’’ tape works best, because its easier to fold in half, and if you skimp on tape it will be harder to remove cheap tape, than a 3m premium tape.  Might sound to those who know like I have made a few thousand.  Your ways may work, but my way works best to me.  With the right blade, and saw- properly adjusted- its pretty easy.  Now these are my time earned, real world production hints, so anyone out there who does it differently may get their little panties all wound up tightly, but I can’t help you there.

hi ghettorat !


  do you have a photo or two of that setup , please ?


  it sounds good !





I cut stacks of veneer and wood doing the same basic thing as Ghettorat but used double sided tape instead of folding masking tape. Also used to cut 8 inch sandpaper discs on bandsaw. Used a circle cutting jig made from a piece of ply and a nail. Would cut 25 sheets at a time perfect circles.Took 30 seconds.

   Also used to make glass fins and cut out with a jig saw. This was single fin days and we were cloning Greenough flex. Would cut out the fin…glass it on the board and then foil it while in the sanding stand. Actually worked pretty good. I could get just the right amount of flex. Used to jokingly say that if it was right you would twang the fin like guitar string and it would be the note  “E”

    Board building still fun after all these years.

…is anyone familiar with the “re-saw king” bandsaw blades for deep cuts on an 18" machine ?..Ive read good things about them , but I’m not sure if they are made to suite 18" & 20" bandsaws…they are a US made product , and Ive yet to find a dealer in Australia…any info would be much appreciated…