Cutting Laps - Glassing 101

They don’t. They eyeball the raw glass on each side. Then glass. Don’t their laps look off/bad? How do they do it without tape/cut? I know they grind it with a tiny grinder but that won’t really straighten out lines will it?

I’m looking at glassing the deck on my fish. I have approx 1-1/2" glass right now, that goes under. Should I just go ahead and tape, let’s say an inch under? That gives me 1/2" to cut off. Also how can I turn the board over to do the lap cuts without having it fully dried? Dried deck means dried laps - not good. Any suggestions?


they did freelaps on the video

You mark your cut laps off with a tool gizmo like the one I use in the picture Or you can invent some other widget. Run your tape around the pencil line, nice and smooth, or you can put a blunt slightly shapened dowel to scribe a scratch mark in the blank if you are not going to use pinlines, i.e. tinted top & bottom boards. Thats how you get a consistent lap. Also you can grab and flip the blank when its rubbery with wax paper. Put wax paper down on the rack so it won’t stick to the carpet. Anyhow, if your doing a totally clear board just free lap it. You won’t be able to tell where one lap starts and the other ends, It dries totally clear, if your using the right resin (the slightly blue stuff) I only use cutlaps when I’m doing colored resins work.


Would you mind taking a pic of the tool in action, I have seen a few pictures of rail banders (is that what they are called?) but I can’t get a picture in my head of how it works. Thanks.

Ok here’s how the tool works. You can also put a blade in it to cut your cut laps nice and smooth.


Nice! And that’d accept either a single edge razor blade, a utility knife blade or an x-acto knife and hold 'em all firmly, no wobbles.

Very slick indeed. Thanks.


Thanks Jay! Being that I’m learing some of the most basic things go over my head.