Dad donated a Bosch grinder/Sander!

Folk’s - I was scavenging at my dad’s storage unit and he said if I find anything I can use for your board’s - have at it! Well, I find a Bosch grinder!! And…it even has a sponge sanding disk man!!! I can use it to sand rails down, glassing etc…it looks like it had little use, but I’m cleaning cob webs off it is all…

Anyway, I can use it at first to thin rail bands out, later aft I get aaccustomed to it I can sand flats I think. as for glassing I can sand her down quick I would think!?let me know what ya think. T c

Model: 0601 328 039

I wouldn’t try shaping with that. Sanding OK. Whats the RPM?

1950 rpms, if I use it im just going to thin the rails…if it gets too crazy I got
Sand paper! But thanks for the headsup! I may not use it for shaping yet, but I could test sand on scrap to see how I feel with it. If I can maintain control w it, I could thin rails a ton faster than surform + sanding. An idea, would be to sand within a 1/4" of desired rail , and finish w crude hand tools.

Fyi - I just fired it up and ground a piece of foam but it felt doable! Not too difficult to control. But it’s big! Lol

All the best tools come from good ol dad!

Shaping with a sander requires lower RPMs.

If is not a variable speed, you can slow it down with a router speed control.

It is variable speed, but I just tested
It full blast cuz I wanted to feel how it handles…like I said, it feels stable.
Thanks for the heads up! Harbor freight has good equipment tho…