Damaged blank what to do...


So I ordered a blank from shapers and it came damaged, with three inches or so snapped off the nose of a 6’1 pre machined blank…see pic that bit is actually snapped off. Should I reshape the nose section to make it more appealing? Any ideas? This will effect the rocker, but any ways around it?




report it to the shipping company so you can get a new one.

you can cut it off and reshape or glue it back together and cover it up with some artwork.

Glue it back on.

Nose fades work well for this.

Don’t ask how I know.

If you learn to shape with a planer, you can have what ever board you want, when you want, and not have to rely on other people to f@#k things up for you :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s all good I got a refund as it was the second blank they sent!! The first had a few cracks in the stringer, and after planing the stringer down were still super visible. Glue it back on eh? With what?

Yeah it’s something Ill get to in the future, but for now I’m happy learning how to hand finish and glass! 

What do you suggest for the glue? resin/qcell mix? It has actually snapped clean off, the photo just shows it sitting there

Get some 5min. Epoxy.

Use only on the sringer.

White glue where the foam meets.

It is easier to sand than an epoxy glue line.

What sort of white glue would you reccomend? Checked out your site Barry, some amazing work there!! Stoked to be getting advice from a man of your talent!


Use vinylic glue (classic white glue for wood), wait long enough to let it dry completely.

Gd luck.

Its pretty difficult shaping/ sanding a repaired blank as the density of the repair is different to the surrounding foam. You might be left with a ridge where the break was, if the board is for yourself it wont matter too much as the ridge can be sorted out after the board is glassed, you might have to mess around a bit and patch if you sand through the fiberglass. The repair will be visable especially in sunlight at certain angles. but it doesn’t mean that it cant be a good board to learn from and add to your quiver