Damn it damn it damn it

all finished shaping the Frankenstein board. Just lifted the gearbox router jig off the blank and then it fell off and out multiple dings into the pu strips on the rails. Arrrggghhh!

What do you think. Heat gun or damp material over the ding and the iron?

Will post a pic later, SO BUMMED!!!

This are the worst ones but i used spakfilla, which is what you guys call spakle, i think.

I don’t think that one is coming out.  I’d replace with foam and then plan on an opaque of some sort to cover it up.  I hate using large amounts of filler for anything.  

Done a few heat gun repairs. That’s not gunna work with that IMHO. :frowning:


Chop both rails mid section edges/ vertical and throw down some wood rails where you fudged up on the med section… use the good side of rail you cut to mark new wood rail template…

 all the best on your hard work




My tail block is agave and red cedar.

Why use agave, when you could use a sponge, and get even better water absorbsion?     Just sayin’.      It’s an unusual choice of material, for  application in a vulnurable area.


It’s because like every other piece of material in this board so far it was free. Collected with my own hands. I plan on making a full agave board with the 30 odd stalks Sitting under the house so it was kinda like research. I plan on putting a thinned down cheat coat of resin on it befor lamination. It should be close to fully saturated with resin so if anything it may be tail heavy but it’s not likely to take in any water. And with a good lap and resin coverage it will be super strong.


You have massive hacks and sand/grind marks in your EPS foam and you’re worried about a little rail ding? What’s up with the green stuff inside your EPS foam? Crazy