Dan Malloy Interview

Dale Solomonson just spotted this to me. Quite a good read!



Howzit DrStrange, Met Dan a couple of years ago while getting a tour of the Patagonia factory shaping and glassing areas. Really a great guy and surfer to boot. Was just there a month ago since my niece has a big time job there and always check out the factory store for goodies at wholesale prices. They are enlarging their surf wear and accessories and checked out their new wetsuits which really impressed me. Quality company with great employees.Aloha,Kokua

Definitely liked his attitude in interview.

Jeez, what a breath of refreshingly honest fresh air.

Thanks for posting that.

Thanks for the link Dr. Strange. Also check out some of the other interviews we’ve done:


Namely the one with Nathan Oldfield, who is “oldy” here on Sway’s.