danger of pigs and SUP

I never thought there was any danger in flat water Stand UP Paddleing. I paddle every morning for an hour and 1/2. Have taken advantage of the full moon the last three days and been in the water at 5 am. Up the river to the head waters. Get up there before the sun comes up. Under the trees it’s still dark. I paddle past the landing up the stream on the right side. waters only 20 inches deep there and the stream 15 feet wide . I have to duck down on my hands and knees to glide under the hau bush to shore. There I get off and walk and stretch for 5 or 10 minutes before paddleing back down the river. Yesterday morning , it’s still dark, I do my glide under the hau bush, as my board touches the stream bank and I put one foot down in the water I hear a grunt and look up. I am nose to nose with a 250 pound pig and a 60 pound pig.! I don’t know who was more surprised, the pigs or me. The pig took two steps backward, looking up and sniffed the air and then two steps forward toward me. You don’t mess with wild pigs,they can get real nasty !! I stood up swung my paddle , hitting her in the snout. She stopped and I took a step backwards tripping over my paddle board. Fell to my knees and scrambled backwards into the water. The pig didn’t move an inch, just sniffed the air and tried to get a beter look at me. As I backed into the water I kept slapping the water with my paddle and yelling. The pigs stood their ground just sniffing the air and looking at me as I backed away. Then they turned and slowly walked away ! I know there are pigs in that area but never worried about them as I figured they would smell me and bug out. Guess what? The wind has been blowing from the north east the past three days so I came up to them from down wind, they didn’t even know I was comeing. This morning no pigs but you could see where they had been rooting the wild taro! I don’t think a 22 oz paddle would fend off a 250 lb pig so I guess I should stay allert!! Aloha Ahui hou- Wood_Ogre

Haha classic mate!!. I surf a break somtimes where you have to paddle across a small river then walk across a spit, to get to the waves. I’ve heard a few people say there are pigs that live in the adjoining land to the spit ( mangrove and bushy ), and when i go there early morning, im always a little bit edgy, but that just might be me freaking out a bit. Never seen one, and i dont know anyone who has, so there probably aren’t any as far as i know, but i still think about it every time im there early. Im going there tomorrow actually, so you can guarantee i’ll be jumpy!!!.

Although i reckon a hit in the face with a 5’‘x7’’ fibreglass keel fin would deter a lot of animals!!

Glad to hear you’re ok, they can be quite nasty.

wait…are these real pigs or is this just an elaborate haole joke?

Great story! I use to bow hunt and spent days in the bush looking for pigs. We shot our first pig only 50 yards from my sister’s house in her back yard in Kaneohe. Usually when I run into pigs, I don’t have my bow with me.

Perhaps the start of a new sport, Stand UP PIG Hunting.

Go figure.


Plenty of pigs in bikinis come out to the beach from Nowra with their little piggy kids stuffing their piggy faces with Maccas and leaving their rubbish on the beach.

I used to spend a lot of time on the big island and had this one pig about the same size that would come into my shack looking for food. I kept a baseball bat close by and would beat it against things to try and scare him but it didn’t phase him, he left when he wanted.

Afoaf, No joke , real pigs. Since the platations have closed there are more wild pigs then ever on Kauai. I have even seen one in the Walmart parking lot. My brother has a mountain pig as a pet and my neighbor just brought one home. Kauai isn’t the city, you know !!! Aloha Wood_Ogre

hrrmm I get an idea here…

			 -   1 filet of wild pig 800 g
  • 4 small green apples, the bitter ones…

  • 4 spoons of berries, blueberries or the like

  • 200 g (frozen?)cranberries

  • 2 spring onions

  • 1 onion

  • 1 carot

  • Branch of rosemary, a dash of thyme

  • 25 g butter

  • 10 cl fresh cream

  • 3 spoons of wine vinegar

  • 2 spoons of oil

  • fine sea salt

  • black pepper

Peel, chop and mix the onions, carrot and spring onion and mix it all up in a bowl

Place the pig filet on the dish, add some salt, pepper and the Rosemary and thyme, ad the oil and vinegar, chill for about a day in the fridge, flipping the meat every so often.

Fire the oven and preheat to about 220-230 degrees c.

sponge off the meat from the marinade, butter up a oven dish and cook for 15 minutes…

Peel and core the apples, place them around the meat and cook for another 15 minutes…

Add the cream to the cooking juices and some strained marinade juices (about a spoon or two…)

Mix up the resultant gravy and add a cup of broth for reducing

Heat up the berries in a saucepan add a cup of water (with a spoon or so of sugar for the sourness of the cranberries…)

Place the meat on a dish, dress the cooked apples around it and pour over the berries

Serve with a pinot noir… or a medoc…


Could it Have been??? missing since the 1980’s