Dead or lame

What a total shocker Ive been goin through some real GOLDEN surfin magazines, late 60-early 70s! SO VERY VERY COOL! I mean must have been so clean an powerful. So very clean and powerful. Then I Click over to today: I spy through www.ksusua. org once in a while a kneeboardrer site so anyway then back to the old mags: noticed how RADICAL those guys were!. They were totally! clean and powerful!. then I click back over to that kneeboarding website and todays top kneeboarders arent even lookin as even fresh and radical as the guys from those revolution years. So WHAT happened? No shit sherlock! Kkneeboardiing is stone cold dead dead dead. Yet it still lives on and on like a horror movie monster that jus wont die after its killed. So these kneelo guys are sayin theyre so rad because now theyre STANDING as well as kneeriding!. Hello? Big freaking deal! As if ?? Their boards are longer and wider than lotsa standup shortboards! Then I flip over to the latest mags and the top pro dudes are lookin like theyre half-kneelos sometimes. So Im wonderin like whats the big difference? I mean the standups look like dropknee pigdog grabrail halfway kneelos and the kneelos are thinkin theyre rad with standing on their sticks too which are now just as long as and look just like any shortboard! Lotsa these dudes dont even wear fins anymore because they arm paddle to improve their styles cause they say their flippers drag off the tail and rails so Im thinkin! no wonder kneeboarding has passed. Cant pumpjump a kneeboard. They used to be rad hella years ago now theyre basically copying standups board design and ridin style! Kelly slater would rip on a kneeboard. See the contradictory hypocracy? What thefuck wpould the original kneelo George do? ( WTFWGD?) This topic needs some serous dialogh.

WTFWGD? I believe he rides a mat

devolution desolution…as asubstantial concept disolves into a culture its concentration becomes weakened to the point of being indecernable from its surroundings…If enough people do the same thing it becomes so commonplace as to stagnate… the revolutionary madmen have had children long ago stopped taking alternative substances stopped staying up all night making a new kneemachine out’a refrigerator foam . Dialogue is cheep dropping a kneelo(?)over a steep peak in front of a photo journalist?takes effort the real kneeboard break throughs were made in the dark while kno one whas out an about … there goes one knowe … that kid is hot does he have a name yep his mom gave him one…will he become a media darling to facinate and influence us all? only time can tell what will do it…some chick just told me that morey amsterdam invented the swizzle it was a dance on the Dick Van Dyke show could it be true …hey kid …nice turn …ambrose