Decal Questions

I was just wondering about laying decals underneith the fiberglass, its a pain for me to lay them down in a hurry, so could i use resin with no hardener, have all the time in the world to get them stuck down, and then lay fiber glass over it with the hardener? would that make any difference in the strength of that part? would the resin with the catalyst soak through and harden the decal or not?



position logo, lay fiberglass cloth over logo and entire board, pour catalyzed resin.

Are you using a sloppy peel N’ stick decal?? that might complicate things a touch.

Surferboard makers lay down logo’s, not decals.

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i meant logo, using rice paper…

What you are suggesting would probably work.

But it’s pretty easy to have a little bit of resin with a drop of catalyst in it, you should have plenty of time to wet the logo out and position it perfectly.

Pro glassers often don’t wet out the logos first, they just put them and the cloth down and wet it all out as they are laminating.

This can trap some beginners though, as the logo can shift a bit, or get an air bubble under it.

Stick with wetting the rice paper out and positioning it before you lay the cloth down, thats the sure-fire way.

I wouldn’t use any pro glasser that just throws down my logo
and coveres it with cloth & then pours on the resin!!!
Not the way to do it, ever!! Most pro logos use a lot of black
ink and you really need to wet out the paper to get a good thru
bond. I learned from some of the best glassers and this is how
I was taught, its so easy!
A. Lay out your lam (logo) with the cloth over it. Run your fingernail
down the stringer to give a line for the cloth. Roll the cloth back just
past the logo.
B. Measure out your resin for the entire side lam. Put a little extra in a small
drink cup (paper, not plastic). Add 3 - 4 drops catalyst.
C. Lift up the logo and put a little of your cup resin right on the foam
and stringer if you are centering it. Positon the logo/lam where you want it
and hold it in position with one hand. Squeegee the lam until the resin is
under the entire lam. If you didn’t put enough resin, that’s ok. You will next
D. Roll the glass back over the lam carefully, following the cloth line & stringer.
Lam that side as usual.

The amount I use for a medium size lam on thin rice paper is about 5ml/cc.
As they say a picture is worth a thousand words so I will try to post a pic
later of some lams and the cup.

awesome! thanks for the help!

Lets try this:


Medium size logo in the middle. 5ml resin in the cup.

Logo on right is old school sponsors logo. Rice paper is

about 3 typing paper sheets thick. I used a whole cup with

only 3 drops cat. and had to let it soak in before squeeging!!

Now-adays, stickers are the only way to go!!