deck traction

A question for the winsurf guys, what do i use to put texture on the deck, not the spray on stuff, the grittty kind like on sailboards???? do i sprinkle something on a thin layer of resin? sand? salt? thanks

Funny, I was just doing research on this today for my SUP.  I ended up ordering a spray on traction product from the GOOP company.  Supposed to be for boat decks.  Once I apply it and try it out will will give it a review.


salt fine grade… not rock!

sugar when gets wet it gets slippery.

sand looks dirty.


I used to use Deck Dust that I bought from Fiberglass Hawaii in Ventura on my windsurf boards, but now I find it easier and quicker to use Homex Tread Tex spray. With the deck dust, the texture comes out too “sharp” which tears up my feet (I ride barefoot without booties). The tread Tex seems to have “just the right level” of texture. Only problem is the stuff is a little pricey (~ $14/can) at your local hardware store.

Good Luck with whatyever you choose.

  C'mon, it's been known for years that fiberglass poly custom boards use poly foam dust and poly gloss resin.

  On custom/production epoxy boards, everyone uses acrylic dust and clear epoxy resin.  Some use acrylic clear paint.

  Don't use sugar, it attracts ants.  Salt works fine.

  If it's too rough, SAND LIGHTLY................. DUH

Hey LeeD,

What’s with the attitude? I was just saying that I use to use the deck dust, but now find it easier to use the stuff in the can. That saves me the step of sanding the deck and the spray stuff works just as well.

Unfortunately, that can be the problem with these forums. Know it all dickheads, that if they don’t like someone else’s advice, they have to put them down in there response.

  What's better?  Or what's worse?

  Know it all dickheads.

  Or, know nothing but fishing around for any kind of answer.