n. Psychology. The illusion of having already experienced something

actually being experienced for the first time.

a) An impression of having seen or experienced something before

b) Dull familiarity; monotony: the deja vu of the tabloid headlines.

daddio / [? “who’s your daddy”?]…nice to see frame grabs of Ted…do you have “innermost limits” / “sea of joy” on dvd / video , then ?

… some GREAT experimenting with boards on both those classics eh ?!

 thanks for the shots ! 

  ..."photo addict chip"

Hi Ben,

Innermost Limits (video)… What’s mind boggling to me, is if you edited out the sequences of George on his mat and spoon you could drop them into any current video and they would still be timely, and the Morning of the Earth sequence would still be ahead of it’s time. VERY inspirational.

Very interesting that “disk”.

Thinking along similar lines (not quite as short though).

What if you took the 5’11" x 21" x 3" lis fish surfboard (not kneeboard) template from “surfboard design and construction” and squashed it to say 5’ x 23" x 3.5" (approximately the same volume). Could this possibly work as a surfboard or would it be madness to even consider (too thick, too wide, too short?)

the crew at point blanks has been making some discs similar to that-apparently they are a hot item in japan…

Can’t you here the kaching as the machine tries to reset itself? Maybe the future will just pass us by this time?

Thinner - wider with a scooped deck and bagged on d-cell over eps foam

is the call. OR get on the other thread and get the measurements

for that Dyno Nuuiwha fish (If somebody knows David, ask him the

dimensions on his blackball beater fish, it was THIN) cause its already

been done. I saw him get a tube ride, early one morning, from

jetty to jetty in Newport Beach - far out - groovy! Oh, one thing

nobody has mentioned, you better be surfing everyday, cause with that

short length there is no room for error on foot placement front to back

when you stand up.