delam from eps density, no spackel, or no vent?

Hey Fellas

I just finished up a board and she delamed a bit. no big deal i clamped it down and filled it, good as new. My question is, since this is my first time making my own blank was it caused by the foam desity? .90v. Next time should I…

  1. Just route the leash plug first and install it last so air can escape. (climate here changes little so I don’t think it would delam agian?)

  2. Put in an air vent?

  3. Spcakel the blank?

  4. Never use such a low density agian?

P.s It also could have been because of the fabric inlay. it appeared right on the edge of the inlay so maybe air got trapped. I should have taken a pic…damnit

We need more information.  Did it “delam” during the lamination process after you lam’d the second (assume deck) side?   If so, your blank was out-gassing.  Please confirm before writing a long explanation remedy.  In the meantime there is a lot of info in the archives if you search on “out gasing”.  There are several remedies to apply in the future.

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Most likely the fabric.

You should seal the blank but in this case the razor blade cut into the blank creating an air vent.

When I first started using Gregs resin in Florida it was on closed cell extruded EPS, no problem for delams while working, when Greg and I got back with each other here in Californina I was using beaded EPS and had my first lamination blow right after finishing it. I hadn’t sealer coated and about a basket ball sized pillow was on the blank when I walked back into the room, it wouldn’t go back down. After that I didn’t walk away for very long, but where the boxes or leash attachment went, I punched holes in the blank during laminating to let it gass off, no more trouble after that.

One of my pals bought a pile of Farwars, they were all piles, on one his front foot was crushing the deck and the davinacell underlayment was pieced together right at this point. He asked if I could repair it, as he had broken through the lam and underlayment, I made a router temp the size of the rupture and cut out the wet, rotten foam down almost 2". I replaced the 3/4 - 1 lb. garbage with 2.2 lb beaded EPS, glued it in place, sanded it down and laminated with 2 layer of 4oz. “S”. Immediately the repair patch blew up off the foam, squeegeed it back down and off it came again, the board had one of the gills in the deck, that apparently did absolutely nothing to equalized the pressure inside. I picked up my icepick and stabbed the deck about 2" away from the repair, the glass fell right down on the repair and did NOT lift off again. I plugged the icepick hole later with a rod of fiberglass and epoxy resin, with a small patch over it. Some guys have good luck with laming with no sealer, I believe in not asking for trouble

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