just interested in what you guys would get as your next board and why.

Be detailed if you can.

As for me, I’m hesitating between a D ull Liddle type and a Mini Simmons McCallum type.

I don’t know exactly why, probably because it’s really different from what I am currently surfing.

But it’s really hard to decide.

Hope this thread will help ort this out.

A Fat-Bat Quad, check em out at

A California version of a ‘‘one board quiver’’, that is intended for anything from 2’ beachbreak waves (my lower limit), to the largest waves on the San Diego area reefs. Single fin, squaretail. Length will be 8 feet, +/- 2 inches, by 22 1/2, or 23’'. There are some ‘‘sneaky tweeks’’ intended, but will not be discussed prior to completion of the board. Looking for a finished weight of 12 pounds. Surface area to weight ratio will be close to the ratios found in performance shortboards. Should be quite a lively board, in modest waves.

I’m just finishing up a 6’9" mini-log/cheater-5 noserider that still needs to be tested. Built for those winter days when we get skunked and the hard offshores knock a chest to head wind swell down to knee to thigh overnight or summer days when I ned to get wet and there’s barely a ridable bump.

Next board from a real shaper is a Coil 6’5" Quad/Thruster convertible (or quadvertible) on order from Mike Daniels. Designed for overhead surf. Thumb tail, foiled out rails, bright white durable construction… ready for fall and winter juice!

Next board after that will be a Bonzer pod I’ll be shaping for myself. Based off the MC speed eggs and pods. I have an Ice9 7’0" blank that should yeild a perfect 6’8" pod.

being a hack myself, when real shapers reveal things like this:


Surface area to weight ratio will be close to the ratios found in performance shortboards.

it always amazes me… i just scrape and whittle until it kinda looks like a surfboard…

i have never even thought to consider weight to surface area ratio…

thanks Bill for opening my eyes a little more.

in the spirit of the thread though, i’ve got 3 blanks to chip away at… 2 shortboard blanks

and 1 fish… the 2 shortboard blanks will be (yawn) basic thrusters really just daily drivers

one will be for a little bit mushier stuff, the other for good days. i haven’t decided what to

do with the fish blank. it’s really thick and wide at 6’4"… so there’s plenty of foam… hmmm…

9’6 x22 1/2 x2 3/8 eps HP long quad+trailer.

very high rocker ( both nose and tail).

template was influenced by the Stewart “colin pro”.

I’m just trying to make the craziest most radical long I can . hope it’ll be good.

in the mean time… yesturday I saw the new Mctavish F4 quad+1 eps at the shop… she looked at me with sad eyes

and bagged me to take her home… well F#&$)ck it… life is too short LIVE THE MOMENT!


I know it’s a GSI soul-less surfboard but this is ,by far, the best HP longboard I could find here in Israel ( which is not shaped by me off course :slight_smile: )

the shapers in israel make very good shortboards but when it comes to Long’s THEY SUCK!



I’ve been thinking about this next one a lot. More than any others I’ve shaped. I think that’s a good thing, although it is also confusing.

I’ve spoken with Bill Thrailkill about my initial idea of a semigun and his notes are my basis (I support your idea of a one-board quiver, Bill). I’m going to go a little shorter than he recommended: 6’8’’ x 13 x 20 x 14 x 2.5, single fin with gentle rocker with a flip in the last 12’’ of the nose. Last night the surf here was great and I’d almost forgotten what great surf feels like. It really had me thinking about how such a board would move through and over the water.

Anyway, when I get the outline right I’ll snap some photos and post them for comments.


With things in Israel as bad as they’ve been, your comments here always make me smile.



w/o putting any un-necesary politics in this thread I would just like to note

that things aren’t as bad as they appear in the TV.

Israel is a small , beautiful and rellativly quiet country.

we got some prob’s with our neighbours but all the excitement stays near the borders and we don’t feel

it in our daily life.

we do suffer from lack of good waves though!!! … I don’t believe I would ever had the chance to shape surfboards

if I had the "real " thing . so I play all day long with foam and this makes me feel like I’m in the scene …

anyway, I’m happy my BS makes you smile,

winter is coming in … you’re all invited


Its coming soon

(with apologies to stanley kubrick!)

“nextboard” is a registered trademark

10 ft or maybe 10’6" gentlemens gun

wide point forward retroish

full bodied gal

you know ,sporty wave magnet

veneered deck resin colors pinlines ,the works

my next board is gunna be pink with flowers on it so i can bash the shit out of people who make fun of it:)

white and pink resin swirl would look bitchen!

I would surf it

they would drool on the board and laugh at me

Oh well

it could match my tie dye wetti if they ever create tiedye neoprene

Another longboard. A 7’6" thing after that.


i’m so stoked to see that there r few more freaks like me.

lets pop the narrow-minded surfers eyes out… surf pink with red hearts, wear green with lolipops , cute bears and rainbows

rip the waves and let them eat the white spray in their ape-shaped brains…

ha ha

longboards , fish and freaky surfers rule :slight_smile:

believe me, Joel Tudor hasn’t seen nothing yet…


Flatter rockered 5 fin at 9’6" (from a 10’2" blank), pulled in swallow tail, stinger at 24", triple stringer so I can thin it out to 2.75 inches. Heavy nose concave to double to V tail. Beveled rails with hard tail.

Epoxy over poly.

Single 4 bottom, single 6 deck with 4 deck patch.

Should last a week or two up here.

hi lee , unfortunately ive been cursed with the dreaded poo stance

i make surfing look like a chore unless its well overhead

it comes with the territory of being 6 3 and 90 kg and wanting to ride shortboards

so i cant really rip the shit out of it on my future pink board!


Thats absolutely classic…a concept that leaves me wishing I came up with it. You would always be in the future, always riding your next board!

NEXTBOARD - that rocks…

My next board?

Anything I like:- Possibly involving all-wood skins, possibly this mad new glass I found…lets say 6’6" x 19 1/2" x 2 3/8"

but definately my Logo only, no other %^*&'s logo hey man!!!

Hey, maybe I’ll make a new brand- “Betterthanyourboard”


Hey, thanks, Josh.

(cue “Thus Spake Zarathustra”)

There’s a lot on my stove, right now, but that project’s been simmering for a while, and, well, I couldn’t resist when I saw the toppost headline.

All-wood skins…I’ve done some bamboo/poplar veneer (2 layers, top and bottom, epoxy only, no glass at all, bagged around eps, with carbon or kevlar rails) boards in the past. The skins have an almost violin-like resonance, and pretty strong, but, unfortunately, prone to micro-cracks that let water in. I wound up having to put a layer of 4 oz on to seal them tight.


12’3x23 3/4’'x 3 3/4

mebe 30#

color dog daddy deck 5 Big flowers

9’6’’ x22 1/2

thin rails step deck round tail

rough sanded finishing fins glass on for the 9’6’’

fin box full area fin for the 12’er

cross country for the 12’er

rip a dellic for the 9’6’’

crispy clear clean bottom

after these

1- 14’2’’ stand up deep water board

and two 10’7’’