DeWalt 680 Planers (again)

I know this was already discussed, but just wanted to revisit one last time. I’m thinking about buying a planer, and have read the Clark manual. But for an occasional board builder like me, it seems the DeWalt is the way to go. It has the “surfboard” features of the Clark but can still do a door jamb. Simple adjustment from 1/32" to 5/32" (.090" vs .125" for Clark), relatively low handle, 5.5 lbs, kit box, nice long cord, good bearings (not sure if sealed or not, but I would guess they are). Anyone using the DeWalt 680? I think it’s a relatively new model. Comments please?

I’ve been using a dewalt planer with a 4mm cut depth for the last 3 1/2 years shaped around 800 boards with it and it hasn’t missed a beat just needs sharpening every so often.