Dewey Weber performer 10'

Good read! I was trying to find a review on the Weber Hatchet Fin and came across this thread. love oldpharts last post. Anyone riding a hatchet Fin in a 10’ plus noserider? I’m thinking I want a fin with a little more rake than the 11" Takayama that came with the 10’7" Jimmy Luis I recently acquired.

Most important is your surfing ability, style and how you intend to ride the Jimmy Lewis.  Down the line noseriding at a point break on a 10 fter with a hatchet fin is easy.  But cutbacks and bottom turns will require a little Power.  Yes you can finesse little turns and cutbacks, but that’s not the way Dewey and his crew rode them. They were power surfers and they could really lay those Performers up on their rail.  Try a Rainbow “Rake” or the “Azul”.  I also like the “Fringe”.  Have fun on that board.  Jimmy’s boards are great Noseriders.

 McDing I"m about 240lbs. The Jimmy Luis feels a little loose because of all the rolled vee and tail rocker. It lays right over easy with the 11" Takayama pivot all the way back in the box. Maybe the 10.75 performer will stiffen it up a tad? Maybe it wont be a big enough change.

In a standard normal somewhat of a Noserider;  I mostly ride a 9’4—9’6.  I have ridden 10’0 in the past and am just now completing a 10’2 that I have been working on off and on in my spare time.  It is a three stringer Clark 10’1Y.  I have a number of different fins I could use.  I have a nice 10" Rainbow Azul, that seems a logical choice.  But I normally under fin, because I prefer a looser feel and the ability to break the fin loose on occasion. I will probably go to a 8.75" Fringe. Wide base and just enough length.  I’ve got a 9’4 stashed on Maui that is equipped with an 8" Rainbow “Rake”.  Pretty easy to put that 9’4" on rail with that fin.