diamond tail too thin, help?

Started my scaled up version of a Bali Board and the diamond tail was throwing me optical illusions and I may have it too thin.

It literally comes to a fine point.

Where to go from here?

Too thin, in what respect? Concerned about tail thickness for setting boxes? Calipers will tell the story.

off the rail

More pictures and the boys might be able to help, It does look thin on the rail.

glass it it will get thicker.


too thin for a fin boox?

glass on the fins

you are such a great guy to have made a new board for that skinny kid in the downstairs appartment!

his mom will make you dinner for a month!


While the tail IS thin, I don’t think it will negatively affect the riding. There is a greater chance that the ride will be enhanced, with better ‘‘bite’’ in turns. As stated above, it will get thicker when glassed.

Personally, and just for me, not you or anyone else, I HATE tails which are too thin, “normal”, or anything anyone else my size likes.

They don’t pick up the wave behind you, they feel dead with no “pop”, and you drag them along as you paddle.

Even my old big wave boards had relatively thick tails.

I was sorta forced to shape boards with thin tails for the OBSF crowd (by demand), but I knew it wasn’t right for the relatively narrower templates and tailblocks I used.

You can add some thickness if you want, by glueing a sheetfoam layer onto the deck and gradually fairing the shape in. EPS guys do it all the time on sailboards, and it hardly shows.

I guess I was just a monster power turner at my 140 lbs., and sometimes, guys 50 lbs heavier said they couldn’t turn my boards. I’m kidding of course about above, but geez, we’re riding on WATER, we go only 17mph in DOH waves, why can’t we sink the tail?

I could.


From what I see from the picture (as long as there is no concern with the bottoms nose to tail transistion; V, concaves,etc…) just finish blending it in from the deck into the thin tail rail areas.

Well, after thinking about it, I decided to adjust the outline by 1/2" all the way around to bring me down to my original dims of a 6’6" and it actually looks better over all. It was scaled up to much, but that’s okay it all worked out. You can always take more foam off the board, but can’t put it back on. That’s my motto!

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

there is more to be concerned with

than the tail being thin or tik.

Mr moto was not a venerable wise man

he was peter lorre in disguise.

even so he was my Moto.

learn to surf all over again

every time you paddle back out.


shoot the curl

with your favorite girl

make a tandem board

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That looks really sweet, Well saved!

Any chance of sharing some final dimensions? I have a blank or two begging to become something just like that.

Sure thing, after I’m done I’ll probably post a start to finish thread and have all the dims. Thanks for your interest.