diff between moving side fins back vs moving trailer forwards?

the fin cluster is about equally close together either way but what’s the difference?

Moving the back trailer up will loosen the board but you will have a bit less drive.

Moving the side fins back will add some drive but stiffen the board a bit.

Am I right?

I built myself a perf. longboard and had the side boxes at about 12-1/2". I found I had to stand with my back foot really on the end of the tail, Tom Carroll style. What I got was not enough rail in the water to get drive out of the turns, I was pushing the tail too much. Later I installed a second set of boxes at 14-1/2", majic board


Am you right? Yes.


It depends on where the board was designed to be surfed (as far as foot placement). If the rocker dictates a more forward turning position, then no, side fins further back will hamper drive and turning ability. Length of board and rocker configuration will dictate. Genius Jim called it correctly. Some of my big guy thrusters have the side fins at 12 1\2 inches up and 4 inches for the rear fin.


oh this is on a Merrick 6’3 flyer