different bottom contours for different places

For those of you who use vee in your shortboard shapes (in combination with concaves or not), do you tone down or eliminate the vee when making a similar board for smaller wave locales. For instance, if I like shallow vee with double concaves in the tail for Northern Ca. (on 6’6"-7’0"s) should I get rid of the vee to speed things up for So. Cal.?

Yo Numbnuts, The bottom countour you described is my contour of choice for small and medium waves (slight forward vee with double concave in the tail). On two occasions I have ordered boards with a flat to double concave configuration and have found these boards to be much slower in small surf. I’m a pretty good surfer and the slight vee makes it easier for me to initiate my turns and generate speed in small conditions. My usual allrounder is 6’3" x 18.5 x 2.25. Single to double concave feels lively too, but I like the feeling of glide and nice rail to rail transitions that the forward vee provides Later, Wavo